Nketiah: I renewed my contract last year because of my love. Talking to the head coach made me know that I am useful.

Nketiah: I renewed my contract last year because of my love. Talking to the head coach made me know that I am useful. SportsTalk According to the "Mirror" report on October 15, Arsenal forward Nketiah explained last summer, when the outside world became more and more There is much speculation that when the Gunners seek to bring in a new striker, they choose to go with

SportsTalk, October 15 According to the “Mirror” report, Arsenal striker Nketiah explained last summer, when there was increasing speculation that the Gunners were seeking to bring in a new forward. time, why he chose to renew his contract with the club.

Even now, as a product of Arsenal’s youth training, Nketiah is still not considered Arteta’s number one choose. Jesus, who has won the Premier League championship four times, is widely regarded as Arsenal’s main striker. Nketiah started the season well and found the back of the net quickly. However, despite playing in the first eight league rounds, his two goals were only one more than Jesus, who had less playing time due to injury.

As a result, some Arsenal fans have begun to question whether Arteta needs to use transfer funds to introduce a new striker. If this happens in January next year, it could raise doubts about Nketiah’s future at the club. In an interview with the magazine “442”, talking about why he chose to renew his contract with Arsenal last summer, the 24-year-old Nketiah explained: “It was just out of my love for the club. London is my home and the club is My home, I will be an Arsenal fan my entire life and that sentiment plays a big role.”

Nketiah He said that his conversation with Arteta strengthened his belief in staying on the team. He said: “Having spoken to the coach, I knew his plans for me and the fact that he needed me… I knew I wanted to learn, improve and help the club.”

When Nketiah signed his new contract, he was clearly aware that if he wanted to become Arsenal’s starting striker, he would have to compete with Jesus ; And if the rumors about the introduction of Ivan Toney from Brentford are true, then his ranking in the forward ranking in North London may further decline. Ivan Toney is currently serving an eight-month suspension for violating the FA’s gambling regulations. He will return in January next year, which is the best time for Arsenal to introduce him in the winter window. Especially recently Ivan-Tony switched to super agent Jonathan Barnett’s CAA Stellar agency and publicly stated his intention to leave Brentford on the podcast “CEO Diary” in August.

At the time, Ivan Toney said: “Everyone wants to play at the highest level. The coach knows I want to play as high as possible. Play at your own level, whenever you can. That’s always been the case. This period at Brentford was probably the best time of my career. And the next club I go to will be the right club.”

Ivan Toney has not been shy about being an admirer of Arsenal and has also attracted the interest of the top management of the North London club. Whether the Gunners are prepared to meet Brentford’s £60 million price tag in the middle of the season remains to be seen, but the time left for Nketiah to prove himself is running out!

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