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Jackson: Salah Tintin struggled at Chelsea, I don’t care what people who don’t understand football say

Jackson: Salah Tintin struggled at Chelsea. I don’t care what people who don’t understand football say. SportsTalk, December 18. This summer, forward Jackson transferred to Chelsea from Villarreal. Recently, the players were interviewed. Jackson said: "This is my first game at Chelsea

SportsTalk December 18th: This summer, forward Jackson moved from Villarreal to Chelsea. Recently, the players were interviewed.

Jackson said: “This is my first season at Chelsea. I am very happy to join the team, although the performance is not as expected. .Although the outside world is talking nonsense, I don’t care what they say. These people don’t understand football. I will continue to play more games for the team and score more goals. I should have scored more goals, but missed it. Some opportunities. The Premier League is different from La Liga and I’m trying to adapt.

“But that’s no excuse, I’m working harder and listening. Opinions from people who know football. I will listen to the coach because he understands the ball better and then work hard to improve myself. Pochettino has worked with many young players and he encourages me every day and tells me what to do. He’s faced players in the past who were in worse situations than I was, but they’ve become famous stars now. De Bruyne and Salah both played for Chelsea and struggled at the time, but are now big stars. They don’t listen to people who don’t understand football, that’s what Pochettino keeps telling me. Pochettino understands football, those people don’t understand football, so I don’t listen to them.

“We are still confident in ourselves. The league has just played 17 rounds. You cannot jump directly from 1 to 100. You must One step at a time. For me, all the players in the team are talented. If they stay in good spirits, we can get to where we should be. We have to forget about social media and focus on ourselves and work hard for the team Win games. The coach really helps us a lot and we trust each other. He has been working with young players and we are all young. We still try to understand each other on the court and win games.”

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