Sports: Haigang’s foreign players have initially decided to “go from 3 to 2”, and new foreign players will be introduced at the center and No. 6 position

Sports: Haigang's foreign aid has initially been decided to "go from 3 to 2", and new foreign aid will be introduced at the center and No. 6 position. SportsTalk reported on December 18 that according to "Sports Weekly" reporter Wang Xiaorui, Haigang's foreign aid adjustment plan has been determined. Pingke, Caron, Joao is likely to leave, and new coach Muscat hopes to bring in a

SportsTalk December 18 According to “Sports Weekly” reporter Wang Xiaorui, Haigang’s foreign aid adjustment plan has been determined. Pingco, Caron, and Joao are likely to leave. New coach Muscat hopes Bring in a center who is good at high pressure in the frontcourt.

At the end of the league last season, Harbor had 5 foreign players, namely midfielder Oscar, Vargas, winger Caron, and Two centers, Lucas Joao and Pinco. Among the five, Oscar and Vargas still have one year of contract, but the other three have become free agents. Among them, Pingke originally signed a “1+1” contract with Haigang, but because he failed to reach the goal target, he was not able to automatically renew the contract.

In addition to Pinco, Caron and Joao are also close to leaving the team after their contracts expire. Especially the former, despite his distinct playing characteristics and extremely fast speed, he only scored 7 goals in 45 appearances on behalf of the Harbor team, which is really hard to show. In contrast, it would be quite surprising if Joao, who had only been with the team for half a year, left just like that. After all, Haigang had full expectations when he introduced him. However, after half a year of playing, Joao only scored 3 goals for Haigang, and in terms of playing style, he also fell behind the “diligence” that the team needs more in the future.

After it was decided that Muscat would take charge, the work of replacing foreign aid followed. It is reported that Muscat had already started relevant inspections before leaving Japan. At present, the Harbor team’s primary goal is to introduce a foreign player at the 9th and 6th positions. Among them, the requirements for foreign aid at position 9, that is, the center position, are very high. Different from the previously introduced players such as Arnautovic and Lucas Joao, the standards set by the new coaching staff are that they must be fast, able to run, and at the same time good at high pressure in the frontcourt. On the contrary, the standing center is not under consideration for the time being.

As for the foreign aid at position 6, the most basic requirements are naturally receiving, passing, turning and controlling, as well as the speed of holding the ball and the speed of transfer. Must be fast and have a certain level of defensive ability. Muscat’s philosophy is to focus on quick transitions, with the foreign player at position 6Under normal circumstances, he plays the role of the midfield brain. Therefore, the requirements for rhythm and speed are naturally higher. It is understood that for the current foreign aid inspection of these two positions, the Harbor Team has very clear candidates and has started negotiations. If everything goes well, the signing can be completed in the next 1-2 weeks.

When it comes to the recruitment of insiders, the Harbor team has also chosen a domestic player with outstanding abilities in speed, rhythm and pressure. As for Wang Zhenao, the widely rumored wide player of the Asian Games team, he was indeed favored by the Harbor team before. However, after the arrival of the new coach, the club’s current primary goal is to introduce foreign players at positions 6 and 9. It is reported that Wang Zhen’ao has also been chased by many teams. There is still some suspense about who will end up with him.

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