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Football News: The National Football Team training camp faces the problem of choosing between 3 and 4 central defenders, and also has to deal with player fatigue.

Football News: The national football team faces the problem of choosing between 3 and 4 central defenders for training, and also has to deal with player fatigue. SportsTalk reported on December 18 that according to "Football News" reporter Chen Yong, the national football team will fly from Shanghai to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates today. A three-week training camp there, January 7th

SportsTalk December 18 According to “Football News” reporter Chen Yong, the national football team will fly from Shanghai to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates today, where they will conduct a three-week training camp. After the training camp on the 7th, he flew to Doha to participate in the Asian Cup. Before departure, Song Kai, Chairman of the Football Association, went to the National Football Stadium to see off the players. The media wrote:

The first five training sessions after Jankovic took office were not very long. This is the longest training camp since Kovic took office, which is very important for a hands-on training coach like him. During the stay in Abu Dhabi, the national football team plans to conduct 4 warm-up matches to complete preparations for the Asian Cup and the top 36 through a combination of match training. A warm-up match with the Oman national team has been confirmed, and the remaining three warm-up matches will most likely be played against local club teams.

State of the Year 2023 The team’s 8 friendly matches and 2 official matches exposed a lot of problems. At the technical and tactical level, the transition between offense and defense is a big problem. The defensive midfielder is one of the two most troublesome positions for the national football team, and the other position is It is the center, and these two problems cannot be fundamentally solved in the short term. The national team can only use other methods to alleviate them. The first is to formulate a more reasonable technical and tactical system to maximize strengths and avoid weaknesses, such as passing through the midfield as concisely as possible, or making more designs in frontcourt offensive routines to improve offensive efficiency through teamwork; the second is to pass more games Exercise improves players’ tactical execution and adapts to the rhythm and intensity of the game.

Another problem at the technical and tactical level is the selection of 3 central defenders and 4 defenders. In the top 36 in November, the national football team was Forced to switch to a 4-back tactic, this actually reflects the obvious lack of adaptability of the national team in using the 3-center-back tactic. In addition to the players’ technical and tactical qualities, the lack of excellent wing-backs on the right also leads to the 3-center-back tactic. Tactics are difficult to use effectively. During the training of the national team in Abu Dhabi, on the one hand, they will continue to practice relevant tactics. On the other hand, they may also refine and adapt the 4-back tactics., change according to different situations.

In addition, a major problem faced by the national football team during this training camp is player fatigue. Four players from Shenhua took a break after the FA Cup ended on November 25 and have had three weeks of rest so far; three players from Wuhan Three Towns have only taken a break after the AFC Champions League in December and June and have only had 10 days of rest so far. rest time; Shandong Taishan’s four players only ended their AFC Champions League away game against Yokohama F. Marinos on the 13th and reported to the national team without a break. Except for Liu Binbin who rested due to injury, Taishan’s international players can be said to have no rest time throughout the year. stop.

The media finally stated that the Asian Cup will start on January 12, 2024, although the national team was close before the Asian Cup started. Training takes four weeks, but how players maintain a positive mental outlook is a big issue. Judging from past experience, a relaxed and relaxed arrangement is very necessary. Adjusting the physical condition and maintaining a mental outlook are the performance of the Asian Cup. The key to good or bad. ​​​​

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