National Football Team Asian Cup opponent updates: Tajikistan will warm up Hong Kong, China, and Lebanon will warm up Saudi Arabia

Updates on the National Football Team’s Asian Cup opponents: Tajikistan will warm up against China’s Hong Kong team and Lebanon’s warm-up against Saudi Arabia. SportsTalk reported on December 18 that according to Sports Weekly reporter Ma Dexing, the National Football Team’s Asian Cup group stage opponents Tajikistan and Lebanon have or are about to start training camps. Preparations

SportsTalk December 18 According to “Sports Weekly” reporter Ma Dexing, the national football team’s Asian Cup group stage opponents Tajikistan and Lebanon have or are about to start training camps, and preparations for the Asian Cup have been completed Turn on.

Tajikistan will start training in Dubai first to warm up the Hong Kong team of China

On December 15, after the last round of the Tajik domestic league, the team gathered directly at the airport the next day, and then took a flight to the United Arab Emirates on the afternoon of the 16th local time. Fly into Dubai Airport. After a short rest, they went to the training ground to start the first training session.

It is reported that the Tajikistan team’s training camp in Dubai will continue until December 27. On the 28th, the team will move to Abu Dhabi and continue until January 7 next year. It is reported that the warm-up opponent Vietnam, which was previously contacted by the Tajik team, will not be able to warm up with the Tajik team due to the late concentration time and will go directly to Doha to prepare for the game. Therefore, the Tajik team has already contacted the Hong Kong team of China. , the two sides will have a warm-up match in early January.

Lebanon gathered 29 people for training on the 19th and went to Doha on New Year’s Day

The Lebanese national team is scheduled to gather in Tripoli, China, on December 19 to make the final impact for the Asian Cup. This is also the first time that the new head coach of the Lebanese national team, Radulovic, organized the team for training after taking office. Leonardo Farah Shaheen, a young forward who has just completed the naturalization procedure not long ago and obtained a Lebanese passport because his mother is Lebanese, plays for the Swedish team Valkenburg, will also participate in the Lebanese national team for the first time. Team training.

According to the plan,The Lebanese national team is scheduled to start a 10-day training camp in Tripoli from the 19th to the 28th. Head coach Radulovic will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the 29 selected players and also conduct technical and tactical drills. After that, the team will have a two-day holiday and the players will return to their homes to celebrate the New Year. Then on January 1 next year, the team will regroup in Beirut, and then immediately fly to Doha to start final preparations. The other two players playing overseas are forward Basel Jaradi, who plays for Bangkok United in Thailand, and forward Omar Shaaban Bugir, who plays for AFC Wimbledon, the third-tier English league team. Fly directly to Doha to meet the team.

While in Doha, the Lebanese team is scheduled to play a warm-up match with the Saudi national team on January 4. This will also be the only public warm-up match before the Lebanese team participates in the Asian Cup opening game on January 12.

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