Sports Weekly: Muscat has inspected the Harbor Reserve Team and will officially lead the team at the end of this month

Sports Weekly: Muscat has inspected Haigang's reserve team and will officially lead the team at the end of this month. SportsTalk reported on December 18 that according to "Sports Weekly" reporter Wang Xiaorui, Haigang's new coach Muscat had signed a contract with Haigang as early as early this month. Achieving one's intention. If we go back a few weeks,

SportsTalk reported on December 18 that according to “Sports Weekly” reporter Wang Xiaorui, Haigang’s new coach Muscat had reached an agreement with Haigang on signing a contract as early as early this month. If you go back a few weeks, Muscat even studied the Harbor team’s game tape.

After the AFC Champions League defeated Shandong Taishan 3-0, Muscat came to Shanghai to inspect the new club up close and implement it Signature procedures. In fact, when many clubs hire foreign teachers, the signing process can be completed online. Muscat’s move not only shows that he is trying to follow the locals as soon as possible, but also shows his absolute respect for the harbor.

Muscat also came to the Pudong Football Stadium outfield on the 15th and 16th, when two games by the Harbor U21 Youth Team were held there. Muscat watched the game against the first-team reserves with great interest. After the game, he expressed the idea that “young players will be tapped in the future” and even quickly memorized the Chinese names of individual potential players.

The Harbor players are full of longing for this new coach, “I heard that he has been following Tottenham coach (Postkog) Lu), that should be very useful. Nowadays, many coaches around the age of 50 are easy to accept new football concepts, and the things they come up with are very advanced and can be in line with the world’s cutting-edge, so I am still full of expectations.”

After the official announcement, Muscat will spend the Christmas holiday with his family first, and the Harbor team will officially assemble on the 18th and start in Shanghai In the first phase of winter training, Sun Xiang, the club’s vice president, will be responsible for training and physical reserve. Muscat’s planned return to China is expected to be before New Year’s Day. As for the location of the second phase of training, the initial plan is to go to Haikou.

Muscat quite agrees with this, because by January next year, Haikou will gather 4-5 Chinese Super League teams and choose to play in Haikou training camp helps Muscat morePlay warm-up matches and study and understand your opponents in advance.

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