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Beiqing Reviews Chinese Football 2023: When will the bottom rebound? First, we must know where the “bottom” is

Beiqing reviews Chinese football in 2023: When will it hit bottom and rebound, you must first know where the "bottom" is. SportsTalk, December 18. As 2023 is coming to an end, "Beijing Youth Daily" published an article reviewing the overall performance of Chinese football this year. performance, thinking that it is necessary to find out when Chinese football

SportsTalk December 18th As 2023 is coming to an end, the “Beijing Youth Daily” published an article reviewing the overall performance of Chinese football this year and believes that it is necessary to find out when Chinese football can To bounce back from bottom, we must first figure out where the “bottom” of Chinese football is.

The Chinese women’s football team’s failure in the World Cup and its dream of the Paris Olympics did not exceed the scope of football laws. Like the men’s football team, the Chinese women’s football team needs to re-examine themselves after losing the halo of the Asian championship. With the team having no competition to play in the next two years, the development focus of the national women’s football team has turned to the national youth women’s football team to compete in next year’s U20 World Cup. On their way to impact, they will inevitably encounter the “blockers” Japan and North Korea. It is self-evident that it will be difficult to advance.

Compared with the women’s football team, the Chinese men’s football team has more flaws. It is even said that their repeated defeats have little new ideas. As for when the national football team defeated the South Korean team by 3 goals in their first home game in the round of 36, the fans did not show too much frustration. “The final stage of the qualifiers is actually our World Cup,” this is the sigh of a senior reporter after the China-Thailand game. In fact, after the Chinese men’s football team reached the top 12 in Asia twice in a row, the team and the Chinese Football Association were relieved. As for qualifying for the World Cup finals, everyone knows that is an unattainable luxury. From this point of view, it is relatively pragmatic for the national football team to set the goal of the Asian Cup early next year at “reaching the top eight”, which is to equal the record of the previous tournament.

But Chinese football in 2023 is not without its merits. This is because there have been some improvements in the domestic professional leagues and youth training this year. progress. After the professional leagues at all levels fully restored the home and away system, a large number of fans returned to the stadium stands. The professional leagues re-invigorated the Fireball market by integrating football and culture, and also restored some hope for Chinese professional football, which had been seriously broken due to wage arrears and other chaos. face.

In 2023, the “second-year” Chinese Youth Championship has made great efforts in pursuing quantification and improving quality. Chinese Football Association, Chinese Football AssociationAfter the United League preparatory team successfully relaunched the club’s U21 league last season, this season it added two echelon leagues for the club’s U17 and U15 age groups. In October this year, the Chinese Football Association completed a new round of rotation through the Member Congress. In the context of a new round of anti-corruption storm in domestic football that has not yet ended, the change of the Chinese Football Association will undoubtedly help clear up chaos in the Chinese football industry, and will also help the domestic football industry return to the track of healthy and orderly development. .

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