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Spo: Hiro’s field reading ability is improving every year, and he is eager to show off

In the NBA preseason, the Heat reversed in the last quarter and defeated the Grizzlies 132-124. After the game, Heat coach Spo praised Hiro in an interview.

What I mean is that his skills are very good, he can play with or without the ball. His reading ability on the field is improving every year, and he is very eager to play well

Then Spo said, “I understand, this is just a preseason match, but when he’s on the field, our offense looks very different

In this game, Hiro played for 30 minutes, shooting 19 out of 11, making 7 out of 4 in three runs, making 5 out of 4 free throws, and scoring 30 points, 3 rebounds, and 6 assists.

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