Enrique: Center forward? Mbappe can decide his position freely, the only difference is who will accompany him

Enrique: Center forward? Mbappe is free to decide his position. The only difference is who will accompany him to Enrique for an interview on the sidelines. SportsTalk. On December 18, Paris suffered a 1-1 draw with Lille in an away game. After the game, Paris coach Enrique was interviewed on the sidelines. interview. What do you have after this game?

Enrique was interviewed on the sidelines

SportsTalk December 18th Paris away game 1 -1 was tied by Lille. After the game, Paris coach Enrique was interviewed on the sidelines.

How did you feel after this game? Feeling frustrated?

Enrique: (thinking for a long time) I don’t know if we can say frustrated. We played a very complete game for 80 minutes and in the last 10 minutes we lost control and we couldn’t get away from Lille’s pressure. But this is football, not just 80 minutes. We knew it was going to be a very difficult game, Lille are a good team and they defend well, a bit like us. We left with a draw, more bitter than frustrated.

Why do you insist on letting Mbappe play center? Why doesn’t he celebrate the goal?

Enrique: The second question is not for me, but for Mbappe. First, and I’ve said it several times: Mbappe can play where he decides, he has complete freedom, the only difference in each game is who plays with him? Either on the flanks or more on the central axis. You can ask me this question a million times and the answer is always the same.


Enrique : We haven’t said anything yet tonight, the pitch prevented both teams from playing a better game. After every minute, 1, 10, 70 or 90 minutes a player plays, the information obtained is made available to us for future use. I don’t know the future, but just like the Dortmund game, tonight will be for our futureprovide help. Our goal is to compete for all championships.

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