Sarri: Last season’s runner-up was not Lazio’s true level, but neither is the current 11th place

Sarri: Last season's runner-up was not Lazio's true level, but the current 11th place is not SportsTalk. December 18th: In the 16th round of Serie A, Lazio lost 0-2 at home to Inter Milan. After the game, Lazio coach Sarri accepted In an interview with DAZN, he said that Lazio’s

SportsTalk December 18th In the 16th round of Serie A, Lazio lost 0-2 at home to Inter Milan. After the game, Lazio coach Sarri accepted an interview with DAZN. He said that Lazio’s level was average. Between 2nd place last season and 11th place this season.

Loss to Inter Milan at home

Our performance was very good until the opponent scored the second goal. We didn’t even let Inter into our penalty area for the first 20 minutes after the restart. It’s a pity that we played well against a very strong opponent but were punished by our own mistakes.

Marusic’s pass error led to the first goal conceded, but the media noticed that it was Sheila who pointed out the pass to him. Ball direction

I tell players to pass the ball where they can see it, not where their teammates are pointing. This is a mistake.

Fans jeered after the game

I think the fans are laughing at the previous mistakes rather than the mistakes in this game. I think the team’s performance in this game can be a solid foundation for future development.

Some believe Lazio’s tactics may be too predictable

Sorry, this statement makes me laugh, it is a cliché. For BarcelonaWe won in the same way for 10 years. In the 3 years of coaching Naples, we scored 30 goals using the tactical combination of Insigne cutting inside and passing Callejon.

The problem is that we created three or four opportunities but failed to take advantage of them. Last season we were first in goal conversion rate and this season I think we’re 16th in that regard.

Areas that the team needs to improve

Our passing speed is faster than before. We play well on the right, but we can improve on the left. The most fundamental area where we need to improve is in the final third because we had three very poor shots from outside the box tonight.

You just have to look at the statistics, we have almost the same number of passes in the penalty area as last season and about the same number of shots on goal, but We weren’t converting shots into goals, especially our forwards. Perhaps our forwards have been out of form this season with both Zakani and Immobile struggling with injuries, and Felipe Anderson’s performance seemed to improve tonight. I hope to make the team’s offense sharper by passing the ball faster.

After this campaign, Lazio ranked 11th in Serie A. Does this mean that last season’s runner-up finish was just a fluke?

I think our true level is between last season and where we are now. I would like to describe last season. I was the only one with a clear head about the situation and we took advantage of the other team’s mistakes and slipped into second place. This is not our true level, just as the current ranking is not our true level and we proved that in the first 60 minutes against the team at the top.

We need to continue the positive elements of this game and analyze the two or three mistakes the team made, because I think the second The goal we conceded was also due to us not taking care of the ball in midfield – those little details can make the difference, when you make one and a half mistakes against a team of this caliber you can concede two goals.

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