Lescott: Hope defeat to Arsenal will increase Manchester City’s motivation. Treble winner does not get enough praise

Lescott: I hope losing to Arsenal will increase Manchester City's motivation. The Triple Crown winner did not receive enough praise. SportsTalk reported on October 16 that in a program, former Manchester City defender Lescott talked about the current situation of the club. He expressed the hope that Manchester City's recent results can bring some motivation to the team.

SportsTalk October 16th In a program, former Manchester City defender Lescott talked about the current situation of the club. He expressed the hope that Manchester City’s recent record can bring some motivation to the team.

Lescott said: “I hope their recent record can bring them some motivation, I think they realize Arsenal will be a team that can challenge them this season. That game against Wolves was difficult, as it always is for City. The result was a bit surprising, but that’s how it is.”

However, I hope that losing to Arsenal will give Manchester City more motivation. You need to realize the impact that Manchester City had on Arsenal last year. The entire summer transfer window is focused on competing with Manchester City.In that game, Arsenal may be more eager to win.”

“Manchester City’s consistency over the last six or seven years has been unparalleled, which means they can catch up with the teams in front of them. If you want to win the league and overtake Manchester City, you know you have to beat them. , I think this is also a factor that Arsenal considers.”

“But at the end of the day, no team is perfect. But It’s a bit strange now because under Guardiola, these players didn’t get to do this very often. I can imagine that winning the treble took a lot out of the team: mentally and physically.”

“I think if you compare points, I think we are in a better position than we were at the same time last season. But people only look at performance over ten days , rather than looking at where things have been since the start of the season. Things are always going to be exaggerated, which is harsh in my opinion, but that’s part of the sport.”

“What Manchester City needs is hard workStaying at the same level, which doesn’t necessarily mean trying to do something else, but trying to replicate the original rhythm. I think people are obsessed with improvement and think that improvement is about doing more and better things, but improvement can also mean maintaining the level you set for a period of time. ”

“You set this standard in five years, can you continue to do it in year six?” This is also an improvement. But you can’t get carried away, just like people are now wondering if Haaland can score 60 or 70 goals. If he can put up a similar goal tally as last season, it will still be impressive. ”

“Haaland’s performance is not bad, I just think people are obsessed with more progress, but maintaining the original standard is enough. Even if City don’t perform better than they did last season, they can still win the treble because other teams will have to improve to have a chance of overtaking them. “

“I think it will take years for Manchester City’s achievements to be recognized, which is a shame, but that’s football.” People take what they do for granted because they are the favourites, people expect them to do it and then people ask: ‘Can they do it again’? ”

“Is it that easy to win the Triple Crown every year?” It’s unfair to put such a heavy burden on them instead of appreciating what they accomplished last season. In my opinion Manchester City don’t get enough credit for their treble win, I think only five teams in history have achieved that and that’s my only disappointment, the treble was quickly forgotten .

“It is true that we are in a new season now, but in my opinion the treble is the treble, This is a remarkable achievement. ”

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