Alisson: The league title is our goal, the Reds still have a lot to improve on

Alisson: The league championship is our goal. The Red Army still has a lot to improve. SportsTalk, December 18th, Beijing time. On December 18th, Beijing time, in the 17th round of the Premier League this season, Liverpool drew 0-0 with Manchester United at home. Alisson was in the game Later in an interview, he said: League champion

SportsTalk December 18th, Beijing time, December 18th, in the 17th round of the Premier League this season, Liverpool drew 0-0 with Manchester United at home. Alisson said in an interview after the game: League champion is our goal, the Red Army still has a lot to improve.

About the frustration of not winning this game

The draw was not what we hoped for. Liverpool had a good side today. I think we controlled the whole game and created a lot of opportunities, but we still have a lot to improve. Liverpool’s defense was very solid today and only gave Manchester United one or two chances. For a team like [Liverpool] that wants to do great things, that’s really important. We need to be calmer and make better choices when we get into the opponent’s frontcourt when we have the ball. Today we were a little rushed at times but that’s part of the game and we have to learn from it.

About the battle for the Premier League championship this season

In reality, games are not always about big scores, goals and every chance you create, but Liverpool have to do better and our players Have such strength. A lot of people are talking about the Premier League title race, but we don’t want to talk about that, but our goal is to win the league, that’s clear, we know there’s a long way to go and we have to be as perfect as possible .

About the key save against Hoylen in today’s game

The best thing about Liverpool today is that they kept a clean sheet. I’m not just saying this from a goalkeeper’s point of view, but because of the way our team defended today. , when Liverpool lost possession of the ball, everyone tried to fight back immediately.

About Liverpool failing to score for the first time in their last 35 games

I believe our goals will appear again soon.

About Anfield’s home atmosphere

Everyone knows the power of Anfield and the atmosphere that Liverpool fans can create for us here, and they play a very important role in what the club achieves. The atmosphere at Anfield is great and we need the support of the fans in the next two home games. We must turn this place into our fortress and a place where no one can beat us.

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