🧐Klopp: I would rather Manchester United be in a better position so we can play football

🧐Klopp: I hope Manchester United is in a better position so that we can play football SportsTalk On December 18, Liverpool drew 0-0 with Manchester United at home. After the game, Liverpool coach Klopp was interviewed. Klopp’s interview with MOTD Klopp: “I was the least satisfied in this game.

SportsTalk December 18th: Liverpool drew 0-0 with Manchester United at home. After the game, Liverpool coach Klopp was interviewed.

Klopp was interviewed by MOTD

Klopp: “What I dislike most about this game is the result. We should have won the game.

“There is such a thing More shots, there should be more shots on target, there should be more shots on target, but there are some things that I like. The team’s counter-pressing was the best today, and the intensity and start were probably our best so far.

“Today’s situation is painful, but it is also good, and it also gives us a lot of information, and now we must end this situation.

“There were situations where we shot from distance and there were players who might have been in a better position. It doesn’t matter, you just need one goal and everything will be fine.

“I don’t remember being as dominant as I was today against Manchester United. It was special, the atmosphere was special.

“We looked anxious at times and we played some long passes, a little too much.

“In terms of possession, when the three of us players formed the organizational structure, they had no solution. Maybe we should set up more but when you get there, the penalty area is packed.

“From a passion point of view, Manchester United play OneA great game, they gave everything they had. When a team plays with passion, you have to break the rhythm.

“The attitude today was top, top, top. I expected us to win, but we got a point, It doesn’t matter.”

Klopp accepted a live interview with BBC Radio 5

Klopp: “It took me a few minutes to recover from the disappointment. I thought for a long time and couldn’t understand what happened in the whole process today.I would rather they be in a better position position so we can play football.

“If you play at a high level like Manchester United in the Premier League Life is not easy when the team is playing together and they are just defending. We should have scored, it would have changed the dynamics of the game. The chances were good enough so we were unlucky.

“The style of play is the best we have and our pressing is the best we have ever done. It’s a great pair It was an important game for us and there was a lot of emotion in it. I think we created an incredible atmosphere on the pitch that made it unbelievable off the pitch as well. The fans did their part. Strength, so apart from the result, everything is good.

“That’s the thing, we can learn a lot from this game thing. We started off aggressive. Today we don’t need to recycle, we were very disciplined from the beginning. It’s a real derby, with all the elements, it’s a good game to watch. ”

Klopp talks about the title race

Klopp: “It’s a difficult period. We play West Ham on Wednesday, who are in great form and playing very well, and then we have Arsenal and Burnley. terrible.

“We must make sureGuaranteed to get enough points during this period, but there are still many games to play after that. The important thing is that we get through this with as many players as possible. ”


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