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WCBA New Season Focus: Across 6 months&Distributed in 19 cities, 196-208 official broadcasts

The WCBA new season press conference will be held today.

The media person “Detective Zhao from the ball circle” who is currently at the press conference also revealed some key points of the new season of WCBA. The details are as follows:

  1. The season spans 6 months, including the All Star, playoffs, and Finals time slots
  2. The regular season consists of 38 rounds, with 9 games per round (one team is available), and the playoff schedule is determined
  3. Foreign aid policy: Last season, there were 1-14 foreign aid teams and 15-17 double foreign aid teams (four quarters with five players)

4.19 club competition areas determined, distributed in 19 cities across the country

  1. 196-208 official broadcasts

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