Ten Hag: Football always starts with good defense and defense has achieved big wins

Ten Hag: Football always starts with good defense. The defense has achieved a major victory. SportsTalk, December 18. Manchester United drew 0-0 with Wu Pu away from home. After the game, Manchester United coach Ten Hag was interviewed. In an interview with the BBC, Ten Hag talked about the positive aspects of the team: "Absolutely.

SportsTalk December 18th: Manchester United drew 0-0 with Wu Pu in an away game. After the game, Manchester United coach Ten Hag was interviewed.

Ten Hag talked about the team’s desirable positive factors in an interview with the BBC

ten Hag: “Absolutely in many aspects. I think we performed very well. The game plan went well and the players did a great job of fighting together.

“My only criticism is with the ball, if you can pass one, two, three, we might hurt the opponent more. But this is the only aspect to criticize. If we get a big chance, we can win this game.

“Liverpool are a very good team, a very good attacking team with a lot of movement. You Had to defend with great discipline and that’s a big compliment to the team’s performance – their spirit, passion and desire were there.

“We knew before the game that we played twice last year and we lost – a huge loss. Of course you want revenge.

“We have a good team, a good team, and we can make a difference this season.”

Ten Hahe was interviewed by Sky Sports

ten Hag: “You have to always fight for the badge. We play very well and sometimes at very low lows. If you want to achieve something in a season, you can’t go belowThere is a certain bottom line, so we have to be consistent.

“It was a very good performance, you know Liverpool’s results at home, we kept a clean sheet. We had some very good results in the second half Chances, can take points away from here, but we’re happy with the team’s performance.

“You know the chance will come, you This must be believed. The team must never relax and stay disciplined, only by doing so can you win the game.

“Our defense is almost perfect. When we make mistakes, there are always teammates to solve them. I think that is Big win today, we have to keep that up and do it in every game.

“You have to keep doing that Fight for each other. At Manchester United it’s always the same – we fight against other teams.

About Dalot’s two consecutive yellow cards

Ten Hahe: “You decide. I leave the opportunity to you.”

Ten Hahe accepts BBC Five interview

Ten Hag: “Every point you score is important. Football is the result, if we seize Chances, we could have won today.

“We got the point and are happy with it because of the form Liverpool had at Anfield very good. They always score goals, we avoid that, we prevent them from creating chances and scoring goals. All 11 people on the pitch were outstanding.

“Football always starts with good organization and defence. If I have any criticism it is that we should have more Pass the ball into the box to hurt the opponent. That’s the next step we have to take.

“Our performance levels must be more sustained. ”

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