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Sosgate: Henderson will play 100% and I don’t understand why fans boo their team

Tomorrow at 2:45 am Beijing time, Group C of the European qualifiers will face a focal point match, with England playing Italy at home. Sosgate attended the pre match press conference and talked about the preparation for the game and some recent topics that have attracted attention.

Talking about goals

Our top priority has always been to qualify for the European Cup. Our previous performance in the group stage has put us in a favorable position. We hope to play well and win the game. If we still draw in the 87th minute, we don’t need to drop the ball directly into the penalty area

Should Henderson continue to play

Yes, 100% will. I will choose the player who I believe represents this team the most, and the player who can give us the greatest chance to win the game, unless something we think is inappropriate happens. People may not agree with Henderson’s stance and decision, but I don’t think this can be a reason not to choose him, and I don’t think it can be a reason to hiss him. I hope all fans can stand behind us, which will make our ball better The team is even stronger. If this were a popular game, our team would look different

At the same time, I will also evaluate everyone’s performance and our strongest lineup. It would be unfair for me to choose those people regardless. If there were better young players to stand out, I would consider it, but I still defend our players and team. We need to form a team

Differences from the 2020 European Championship

We have gained the experience of winning big tournaments, with a more stable performance, and the boys can constantly create exciting performances on unforgettable nights

On Henderson’s encounter with boos from fans

The English fans are very unforgettable. They support the team, but we encountered some situations that I cannot understand because I believe that any Autumn Yan wearing an English jersey should not be criticized like that, which does not help the team. We are all striving to achieve the same goal, building a successful England, which is one of the best connections between the team and the fans in many years

Talking about the physical condition of players

We don’t have a winter break here, so we have made some adjustments. The players are in good condition and the medical science support is also good. I just want to repeat what I said before, which is that we are constantly adding games, but we haven’t cancelled any games

The World Club Cup is a huge challenge for clubs, and we always pay attention to the well-being of our players. We hope that the best players can participate in the most important games. We will never let players take risks, and we maintain good relationships with various clubs in terms of medical care. They trust us and have handed them over to us

On England’s past difficulties in qualifying matches

This reminds us not to take it for granted. We are currently in a favorable position, but we have not yet advanced to the European Cup. Recently, when watching the Rugby World Cup, both of the world’s top ranked teams were eliminated, so you must perform at this moment

Talk about Henderson being booed again

I hope I can explain from the beginning why I don’t understand this, why we boo our team. I understand why people may feel that Henderson’s decision contradicts his stance in supporting LGBTQ, but I believe his values and principles have not changed. In terms of his faith, I support him, almost surpassing everyone in this country who opposes him. Players understand and accept this reaction, but when we are When playing in England, I believe everyone should support the team。

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