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Xinhua News Agency: Chinese football’s new Long March is not afraid of long journeys as long as the road is right, and problems must be solved under the sun

Xinhua News Agency: As long as the new Long March of Chinese football is on the right path, it will not be afraid of a long journey, and problems must be solved in the sun. SportsTalk On October 17, after the new leadership team of the Chinese Football Association was formed, Xinhua News Agency issued an article on the next path for Chinese football. Reviews. Xinhua News Agency article believes that Chinese football

SportsTalk October 17th After the new leadership team of the Chinese Football Association was formed, Xinhua News Agency issued an article commenting on the next path for Chinese football. The Xinhua News Agency article believes that Chinese football will start a “new long march”, but as long as the direction is calibrated and we continue to move forward firmly, Chinese football will eventually usher in the dawn of its rise.

Xinhua News Agency article is as follows:

Chinese football in trouble is once again standing at the crossroads of destiny.

On the 16th, the 12th Member Congress of the Chinese Football Association was held in Beijing to elect a new executive committee and leadership team. Whether Chinese football rebounds from the bottom or continues to decline depends to a large extent on the future efforts and effectiveness of the new Chinese Football Association.

Looking back on the past, Chinese football has taken too many detours. There are many reasons for this, but at its root, there are always people who want to “take shortcuts” and “cut shortcuts”, focus on short-term goals and gamble heavily on the performance of the national team, and fall into the rush for quick success and quick gains from thoughts to actions, and do not hesitate to violate the objective laws of football development. Policies are changed day and night; but when faced with the fundamental and directional issues related to the development of football, they are often discouraged, treating headaches and treating headaches, pressing the gourd and lifting the gourd. Old problems cannot be solved, and new problems arise. Another bunch appeared; “Football starts from childhood” has been shouted for many years, but youth training work has always been “important when it is said, secondary when done, and unnecessary when busy”. In the end, it is either a mere formality or a drop in the bucket.

As we go further and further on the detour, tragedies are repeated again and again – decision-makers are behind bars in the anti-corruption storm, and professional leagues are involved in “match-fixing” “”Soccer gambling” scandals have occurred frequently, many clubs are facing the crisis of wage arrears and disbandment, the national team has suffered tragic losses, and the development of Chinese football has reached a low ebb… The lessons of history have continuously proven that the more we pursue “leap-forward” development, the worse Chinese football will be. Unable to get “leaping” results.

Today, when the choice is before us again, what path will Chinese football take?

Exploring a football development path suitable for China’s national conditions is destined to be a pioneering, arduous and complex task cause. Changing the systemic and structural problems that Chinese football is facing today is by no means as simple as walking a few mountain roads and passing a few hurdles, nor can it be accomplished overnight. Chinese football needs to start a new long march.

To start the “New Long March”, we must first clarify the correct direction. It has been eight years since the “Overall Plan for the Reform and Development of Chinese Football” was promulgated. The industry generally believes that the plan has the right direction, comprehensive content and has played a positive role in many dimensions. The contradictions and problems that arise during the reform process are, on the one hand, due to a lack of understanding of the reform. Some people always talk about football reform at work, but the actual practice is contrary to the spirit of the reform; on the other hand, they are due to the mechanized implementation of the reform measures. In the association, In decoupling and other tasks, there is an eagerness for success and a one-size-fits-all approach. There is a lack of corresponding supporting measures and a failure to change with the times, which prevents the reform from being truly effective.

As long as the road is right, you are not afraid of the distance. Whenever reforms encounter obstacles, some people say that Chinese football should return to the “sports team” model of the past. This is neither in line with China’s current socialist market economic system that combines an effective market with an effective government, nor is it contrary to the trend of world football development that is becoming more and more open. The Chinese football community must unify its thinking, maintain patience and determination, and solidly advance football reform.

To start the “New Long March”, we must combine “work for a long time” and “seize the day” to properly handle long-term goals and short-term interests. Chinese football can neither commit the old habit of “achievement-based” again, nor can it unilaterally emphasize long-term development while ignoring the objective status quo that urgently needs to be changed.

Long-term and short-term are not an either-or relationship and can completely complement each other. Our neighbor Japan proposed the “Century Plan” for football in the 1990s. While focusing on future development, it did not affect the improvement of the national team’s competitive level. The Japanese team has gone from the “Doha Tragedy” of missing the World Cup in 1993 to 2022. The “Doha Miracle” was staged by European teams that won consecutive World Cup victories. This experience is worth learning from. Chinese football needs “aThe strategic determination of “drawing the blueprint to the end” must also be actively grasped at the current stage of work that can bear fruit–introducing high-level coaches to improve youth training, strengthen league competitiveness, and improve the quality of national team training…

To start the “New Long March”, we must proceed from reality and have the courage to overcome difficulties. The reporter learned that some “fake gambling” chaos in professional leagues is actually The signs emerged a few years ago, but in the end they ended in “harmony” between all parties. Faced with some complex issues, management agencies often choose the “ostrich strategy”, leading to intensified conflicts and damaging the credibility and credibility of the Chinese Football Association. The overall image of Chinese football.

Nowadays, Chinese football faces many difficult problems: how to establish an effective anti-corruption mechanism throughout the industry , to prevent the recurrence of the tragedy of “corruption”? What measures does the Chinese Football Association take to rebuild social credibility and a clean and upright football development environment? When will the Chinese Professional Football Club Federation, which the industry has been calling for for many years, be established? Is there a need for club equity reform? Continue to advance? Should the policy of naturalized players continue? How to deal with the signing adjustment fee… Each of these issues has received widespread attention from the society.Decision makers need to show wisdom and determination to put the issue in the sun To resolve the matter in a down-to-earth manner and respond to public concerns.

Starting the “New Long March” requires united Chinese footballers. Chinese Football Association, Clubs and players should have a symbiotic relationship, but the three often do not understand each other, are full of conflicts with each other, and have their own difficulties. It is difficult to form a joint force in the development process, and the phenomenon of each working in separate formations and fighting against each other is prominent.

This “new long march” does not belong to any one person or a few people. It is a long march for all Chinese football people. This requires every policy The formulation of the decision-making process must consider and balance the interests and demands of all parties to the greatest extent, and is truly people-oriented. The Chinese Football Association must also establish a scientific and democratic decision-making process, practice the principle of democratic centralism, lock power in the cage of the system, and avoid recurrence The situation of “one word” and “fudge”. Only in this way can the enthusiasm of the football community and even the whole society be fully mobilized, and the greatest common denominator for the development of Chinese football can be found.

This Long March is destined to be a long and arduous journey. Song Kai, the new chairman of the Chinese Football Association, said: “The Chinese Football Association plans to spend about a year first to fully investigate the relevant situation. Listen to the opinions of all parties and implementImplement democratic decision-making procedures to gradually deal with many problems that arise in the development of football. Every decision made by the Chinese Football Association must meet the expectations of the public. Keep integrity first, then innovate. ”

“The new Chinese Football Association must be more united, harder working, more open, purer and more courageous.” “Song Kai said.

Football is the world’s largest sport. China must achieve its grand goal of building a sports power by 2035. China Sports To win a wider influence in the world, football is a topic that can never be avoided. Whether it is the Chinese Super League, which is popular in the football market this year, or the Guizhou “Village Super League” that frequently breaks out of the circle, it has been proved that football still has a strong influence in China. Vitality.

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