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L’Equipe: After Messi and Neymar left the team, Paris social media fans dropped sharply and ticket sales slowed down

L'Equipe: After Messi and Neymar left the team, Paris social media fans dropped significantly and ticket sales slowed down. SportsTalk reported on October 18 that according to L'Equipe, the departure of Messi and Neymar had a negative impact on the Paris club's economy and international image. had an impact. This summer, Neymar joined Riyadh Crescent, but Messi did not

SportsTalk, October 18 According to “Team”, the departure of Messi and Neymar has had an impact on the Paris Club’s economy and international image.

This summer, Neymar joined Riyadh Crescent. Messi did not renew his contract and left for the United States. He only has a contract until June next year. Mbappe. Although the aura of the French captain has spread all over the world, he still cannot be compared with Mene.

The first is the decrease in social media fans. Paris’s ins fans have dropped from more than 20 million to 10 million after Messi joined. 1500 dollars. Secondly, sponsors have questioned their partnership with the club. For example, the cryptocurrency company signed a three-year sponsorship agreement with the club a few weeks after Messi joined, providing an annual sponsorship fee of 8.5 million euros. One year after leaving the team, they are still negotiating whether to continue working together.

What is even more surprising is that Qatar’s partners such as Aspetar, Ooredoo and Qatar Airways have been unable to pay the agreed payments. Title sponsorship on the back of the jersey and training center has also been delayed.

Recently, Ticketplace, a ticket resale platform operated in Paris, has seen a slowdown in sales since this summer. According to a long-term season ticket holder, he used to sell a ticket on the platform within 48 hours, but now his two season tickets last season (worth 6,000 euros) have been fully refunded.

Tickets for this Saturday’s home match between Paris and Strasbourg have been on sale for three weeks and are still not sold out, with many tickets left Waiting for resale on the platform. According to reports, this situation has existed since the start of this season due to a decrease in the appeal to spectators, many of whom previously paid large sums to watch Messi or Neymar play.

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