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Premier League Classic: Steady counterattack, Crystal Palace defeated Brighton at home

Premier League Caijing: Defend firmly and counterattack Crystal Palace to defeat Brighton at home 4:00 on December 22, Beijing time Premier League Crystal Palace: Lerma, Edouard , Ward, Holding, Johnstone, Doucoure, Saki Brighton: Welbeck

[Crystal Palace vs Brighton]

[match time] 4:00 on December 22, Beijing time

[Nature of the game] Premier League

【Important injuries】

Crystal Palace: Lerma, Edouard, Ward, Hall Ding, Johnstone, Doucoure, Sacchi

Brighton: Welbeck, Webster, Enciso, March, Tenorio, Fati, Lamptey

[Past results]

Crystal Palace has 2 wins, 5 draws and 3 losses in the past 10 meetings between the two sides.

【Recent results】

Last 10 games: Crystal Palace has 1 win, 3 draws and 6 losses

Last 10 games: Brighton has 5 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses

【Football Lottery Analysis】

Crystal Palace last round After a 2-2 draw with Manchester City in the away game, the team relied on defensive counterattacks to retreat from the away game. However, it has failed to win in 6 consecutive rounds and is currently ranked 15th. brightonThey lost 0-2 to Arsenal in the last round away game. The team was completely suppressed by their opponents. They have only won 2 games in the last 11 league rounds and their ranking has dropped to 9th.

In terms of data, the Asian Index gave Brighton a tie/half-half high, which reasonably reflects the gap between the two sides. Brighton is slightly stronger than Crystal Palace in terms of overall strength and points ranking. In terms of form, both teams have not been ideal recently. Most of the historical encounters between the two sides ended in draws. The index is within a reasonable range. Crystal Palace’s defensive counterattack style is very suitable for facing a controlling team like Brighton. Brighton’s offensive ability has declined recently. I recommend Crystal Palace to be undefeated in this game.

【Prediction results】

Football Lottery: Crystal Palace wins and draws Sports Lottery (+1) Handicap wins and draws: Crystal Palace wins

Predicted score: 2 to 1, 1 to 1

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