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Scholes, Keane talk about Manchester United: The inability to score is the team’s biggest problem at the moment

Scholes and Keane talk about Manchester United: The inability to score goals is the team’s biggest problem at present. SportsTalk December 21 According to the "Manchester Evening News" report, Keane and Scholes urged Ten Hag as soon as possible in an interview Solve the team's scoring problem. The goals always come from Ten Hag’s side.

SportsTalk December 21 According to the “Manchester Evening News”, Keane and Scholes urged Ten Hag to solve the team’s goal problem as soon as possible in an interview.

Goal scoring has always been a problem for Manchester United under Ten Hag. The Dutch signed the No. 9 player this summer. as Manchester United’s top priority. Kane had been their top target, but Spurs had no intention of selling him to a Premier League rival, so United ended up signing Hoylen from Atalanta for a transfer fee of £72 million.

But the 20-year-old young striker has performed mediocrely since joining Manchester United. He has yet to achieve anything in 13 Premier League appearances. goal. Manchester United’s scoring efficiency has been very low this season. They only scored 18 goals in 17 Premier League games. This is an obvious problem for Manchester United this season.

Keane said in a previous interview: “We receive statistics every week and these statistics are never good statistics. .There is a problem with Manchester United, that is, whether it is injuries or other situations, people always like to look for answers outside the club. But sometimes you have to look inside it, and I think the answer to the problem lies in Manchester United’s dressing room in the room. My biggest concern is that Manchester United don’t score, that’s their real problem.”

Keane is not the only player to point out Manchester United’s offensive problems. After the previous Champions League loss to Bayern, Scholes also talked about his concerns about Manchester United in an interview: “My biggest worry is Manchester United’s centre-forward, we can’t create chances for him.Hoylen has scored five goals in the Champions League but none in the league and he didn’t even get a chance tonight, Manchester United The goal scoring problem needs to be solved.”

Martial has only scored 1 goal in the Premier League this season , he hasOne of the five players who may leave the team in the winter window, which means that Ten Hag may continue to strengthen the front line in the winter window. Last year, Wehorst joined the team on loan in the winter window. He contributed 2 goals to the team in 31 appearances. This is not an impressive result. Excellent forwards often do not appear on the market in the winter window. Coupled with the restrictions of Financial Fair Play, Manchester United should not have too many choices in the winter window. However, the scoring problem is a problem that Ten Hag must solve now.

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