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Dugarry: If Mbappe signs a five-year contract with Real Madrid, he can win 2-3 Ballon d’Ors during this period

Dugarry: If Mbappe signs a five-year long-term contract with Real Madrid, he can win 2-3 Ballon d’Ors during this period. SportsTalk, December 21st. Mbappe just celebrated his 25th birthday recently. Former France international Dugarry attended RMC TV’s “Rothen s’enf

SportsTalk December 21st: Mbappe just celebrated his 25th birthday. Former France international Dugarry talked about his evaluation of Mbappe when attending the “Rothen s’enflamme” program on RMC TV. He said that if Mbappe signs a five-year contract with Real Madrid, the French international can win 2-3 Ballon d’Or honors during this period.

Dugarry said: “How do I view the second half of Mbappé’s career? I wish him all the best. Right now Looking at it now, if the second stage of his career can be called a success, then at least he needs to win a Ballon d’Or trophy. This is his goal, and he is eager to break all records. I don’t know if he can break it. What records, but I sincerely wish him success.”

“He still has many aspects that can continue to improve. As far as various aspects are concerned, In terms of data, his achievements are obvious. However, looking at his entire career, there has been some confusion and some miscellaneous trivial matters. He never talks about the things he does, and he never does the things he says. He He said that joining Real Madrid was his life dream. He had the opportunity to realize this dream but was delayed in realizing it because the Emir of Qatar kept him and gave him countless money to change his mind.”

“There are also some personal stance issues. He will express his own opinions on many things, and some things express his personal opinions incorrectly. This is unreasonable and has no purpose other than to show his leadership status. I think he still has a lot of room for improvement in setting an example. He is only 25 years old and is still very young. He has already won the He has learned a lot and made some mistakes, but he has a clear understanding that he, like everyone else, cannot be perfect. I hope that before making many decisions, he will think carefully about whether such a choice is beneficial or harmful to him. ”

“I’ve long had enough of those fans saying ‘Mbappe should stay’ or ‘Mbappe should stay'”Time to leave’ topic. He could have signed a long-term contract with Real Madrid for five to six years. The subject of whether he was going or staying was always vague. On this issue, he comes across as lacking some charisma, decisiveness and determination. He always makes some statements from time to time, using some opportunistic expressions, which I don’t appreciate. I wish he could be more candid and forthright on this topic. If he signs a five-year contract with Real Madrid, he will be able to win 2-3 Ballon d’Or awards during this period. In this way, the success he achieves will meet his expectations. ”

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