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Will Morant return and the Grizzlies make the playoffs? A team did this 38 years ago and still forced out the best Bird

Will Morant return and the Grizzlies make the playoffs? The first team did this 38 years ago and forced the best Bird Morant to make his home debut after being released from the ban. The Grizzlies defeated the Pacers 116-103, winning 2 consecutive games and improving their record to 8 wins and 19 losses. When the Grizzlies version of the "Northern Expedition" begins, it was previously mocked by Anthony Edwards

Morant made his home debut after returning from the ban. The Grizzlies defeated the Pacers 116-103, winning 2 consecutive games and improving their record to 8-19. burden.

When the Grizzlies version of the “Northern Expedition” begins, the FedEx Arena, which Anthony Edwards previously mocked as “deathly silent” The liveliness of the past was restored, and the Grizzlies generals said that they had “regained the fun of playing ball.”

Because Morant was suspended for 25 games, starting center Adams and backup insider Clark were unable to play. In addition, the players introduced during the offseason Smart and shooter Kennard were knocked down by injuries. The Grizzlies were beaten in the first 25 games and only got 6 wins and 19 losses. Now that Morant has returned strongly, Smart is getting closer and closer to his comeback, and the Grizzlies see hope of a counterattack.

Can the Grizzlies counterattack with so much debt at the beginning? Let’s look at history first.

Using the first 25 games of the season as the dividing line, it is true in history, and only one team can only win in the first 25 games. This team was the Cavaliers of the 1984-85 season after fighting back to make the playoffs in 6 games or less.

At that time, the Cavaliers started worse than the Grizzlies, winning only 5 games in the first 25 games, but in the end they won 36 games and entered the season. In the playoffs, Bird was forced to play his best in the first round, causing huge trouble for the 63-win Celtics.

In the 1984 offseason, the Cavaliers, who had only won 28 wins the previous season, changed coaches. The rookie coach George was only 33 years old. -Carl takes office. The top star of the Cavaliers is Wald B-Ferry. Before joining the Cavaliers, Ferry averaged 30.2 points per game in a single season. At that time, he averaged 24 points per game in his career and was an outstanding scorer. However, Ferry’s reputation was very poor. He was labeled as “selfish” and “not listening to the coach” and was regarded as a cancer.

The Cavaliers have a group of role players with different functions and characteristics. From the perspective of overall strength, the lineup configuration is not bad. The Cavaliers’ paper strength has not translated into results. In the first 21 games of the season, the Cavaliers recorded 2 wins and 19 losses. After 25 games, the Cavaliers have a record of 5 wins and 20 losses.

The main reason for the Cavaliers’ poor record is that Karl and Ferry don’t see eye to eye. The 33-year-old Karl is only 3 years older than Ferry and is a rookie coach. He cannot control Ferry at all. There is a conflict between the two. In addition, Karl tried to implement “egalitarian basketball” in the Cavaliers, emphasizing sharing the ball and passing the ball more. However, this style was not suitable for the blue-collar Cavaliers, and his coaching philosophy was resisted by Ferry.

As the schedule progressed and the generals got to know each other better, Carr and Ferry established a relationship of mutual respect. Karl also adjusted his coaching ideas to allow Ferry to control the offense more with the ball. The conflict between the coach and the top star has eased, and the Cavaliers have solved the biggest problem. Coupled with the fact that point guard John Bagley took advantage of sudden points and averaged 8.6 assists per game, and forwards and interior players such as Roy Henson and Phil Hubbard went crazy for offensive rebounds and defense, the Cavaliers began to reverse the situation.

The Cavaliers only got 5 wins and 20 losses in the first 25 games, and then ended the journey before the All-Star break with 11 wins and 13 losses. . After the All-Star Game, the Cavaliers greatly improved their offensive efficiency. In the last 33 games, they scored 20 wins and 13 losses, and their record was fixed at 36 wins and 46 losses. At that time, there were only 23 teams in the league and 11 teams in the Eastern Conference. The Cavaliers ranked 8th in the Eastern Conference and entered the playoffs.

Is that all? If that’s the case, the Cavaliers’ counterattack is not worth writing about, and the excitement will come later.

The Cavaliers faced off against the Celtics, the leader in regular season wins, in the first round. The Celtics ranked second in offensive efficiency that season. , fifth in defensive efficiency, with 63 wins and 19 losses.

Bird, McHale, Ainge, Dennis Johnson, Parish and other core players are all at the peak of their sports careers. Among them, Bird won the MVP with averages of 28.7 points, 10.5 rebounds, and 6.6 assists per game. First team All-NBA. McHale was selected as the Sixth Man of the Year, Johnson was selected as the Second Team All-Defensive, and Bird, Johnson and Parish were selected as All-Stars.

Simply put, the Cavaliers beat the Celtics, just like a worm shaking a tree. What is unexpected is that the Cavaliers created a huge impact on the Celtics from the first minute of the series. Trouble.

In the first game of the best-of-five series, the Cavaliers fought to the last second and lost 123-126. , Bird scored 40 points before leading the team to a thrilling victory. After the game, Bird praised Hubbard’s defensive strength against him. In the second game, the Cavaliers once again fought to the end, with Bird scoring 30 points, 11 rebounds, 7 assists, leading the Celtics to a narrow victory of 108-106 by 2 points.

You know, the first two games of the Cavaliers were away games. In the battle, they only lost a total of 5 points. After returning to the home court, the Cavaliers were full of momentum. In addition, Bird was absent due to an elbow injury, and the Cavaliers regained the victory 105-98.

“My disciples should be proud of this victory. Bird’s absence will not affect our achievements. You know, even without Bird, the Celtics might have won 55 games,” Karl told the team after the game.

At the end of the third game, Cavaliers fans chanted “We want Bird.” Before the fourth game, Bird sneered and said: “They want me to play, as they want. ”

In Bird’s history, this game is rarely mentioned, but this game is a typical Bird German-style game. After being provoked by Cavaliers fans, Bird responded in the most ruthless way on Cavaliers’ territory. 23 seconds before the end of the game, Bird scored 2 points with free throws. The Celtics won 117-115 and were eliminated.knight. Bird scored 34 points, 14 rebounds, and 7 assists in the game. After he hit his second free throw, he pointed at the Cavaliers fans in a mocking manner.

The Cavaliers were eliminated with a big score of 1-3, but after all, in the entire series, the Cavaliers scored 449 points, which was the same as the Celtics . In the three losing games, the Cavaliers only lost by 3 points, 2 points and 2 points respectively. For comparison, the 46-36 Pistons tried to snipe the Celtics in the second round, but lost 4 games by 34 points, 7 points, 7 points, and 10 points respectively.

Back to the Grizzlies, compared with the Cavaliers 38 years ago, the Grizzlies’ lineup is obviously more talented, and the Grizzlies There is also a favorable condition – the play-off system. Under the play-off system, the Grizzlies have a chance to enter the playoffs as long as they reach 10th place.

The Lakers last season are an example, but the Pelicans in the 2021-22 season are actually the best example for the Grizzlies. The Pelicans won 7 of their first 25 games this season, only 1 more than the Grizzlies this season. The Pelicans ultimately won 36 games and entered the play-offs as ninth in the Western Conference. In Game 2 of the play-offs, facing the Clippers who were unable to play without Leonard and George who triggered health and safety protocols before the game, the Pelicans defeated their opponents and got the last ticket.

The Grizzlies are still 6 wins away from the playoffs. At this time point, 6 wins is not a huge gap. The Grizzlies’ favorable conditions also include: Smart is expected to return when the Grizzlies start a four-game road trip on December 24 to catch up with the Hawks. Kennard, who was expected to miss 2-3 weeks in early December, is getting closer to returning. Clark is expected to make his season debut around the All-Star break.

The Grizzlies have enough chips to make mid-term reinforcements. They are still US$11.9 million away from the luxury tax line and have 7.5 million in hand. USD trade exception, $6.3 million injury exception and 4 first-round picks. The Grizzlies pursued Anunoby last season. If the Raptors supermarket opens, it is not ruled out that the Grizzlies will pursue Anunoby again. It’s still early before the trade deadline, and the chips are fullThere are more options for grizzly bears.

Last season, the Grizzlies were defeated by the Lakers who came all the way from the “Northern Expedition” to stage the “Black Seven Miracle”. This year, it’s the Grizzlies’ turn to play the role of the “Northern Expeditionary Army.” With the Heat and Lakers showing off last season, no one dares to underestimate the Grizzlies.

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