Tutto: AC Milan is not at risk in the Tonali case and the player is unlikely to escape a long ban

Tutto: AC Milan has no risk in the Tonali case, and the player is unlikely to avoid a long-term ban. SportsTalk reported on October 19 that "Torino Sports News" reported that even if Tonali accepted the plea agreement, he would avoid a long-term ban. The possibility is also very low. Milan will not take risks in this matter.

SportsTalk reported on October 19th that “Turin Sports News” reported that even if Tonali accepts the plea agreement, the possibility of him avoiding a long-term ban is very low. Milan will not take risks in this matter.

Tonali admits he doesn’t just bet on football matches, even before moving to Newcastle this summer Bet on club AC Milan matches. In the investigation so far, Tonali’s behavior should be the most serious. He will almost certainly miss the 2024 European Cup, even if the Italian team can qualify for the main draw.

Even if Tonali accepts a plea deal like Facioli, the chances of him escaping a long ban are slim. However, Tonali told prosecutors that he always only believed that Milan would win the game and that this would not trigger an escalation in the seriousness of the violation because such a bet would not affect his performance on the pitch in any way.

At the same time, AC Milan will not have any risk in this case, and Tonali has seriously damaged his image as a player. , now he will definitely pay the price, but he will also get the necessary help.

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