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Arteta: Jorginho is doubtful, we haven’t won anything important yet

Arteta: Jorginho is doubtful and we haven’t won anything important yet. SportsTalk, December 22 News, December 24, 1:30 Beijing time, a focus game in the 18th round of the 2023-24 Premier League season, Arsenal Will challenge Liverpool away from home. Before the game, Ah

SportsTalk December 22 News At 1:30 on December 24, Beijing time, in the 18th round of the 2023-24 Premier League season, Arsenal will challenge Liverpool away from home. Before the game, Arsenal coach Arteta attended the press conference. He talked about some of the team’s current situation.

About the European Super League

——Our views are very clear and we still maintain the same position as before. We love playing in the Champions League and that will continue.

About the team’s injuries

— Thomas is still recovering and has not yet practiced with the team. Elneny is expected to train with us today, and there are still some doubts about whether Jorginho can play.

About the four years of coaching Arsenal

—We still haven’t won something important enough that we want to get better and become more successful. We have accomplished something, thanks to those who have been on this journey, and to those who have supported us.

Have the European Super League been discussed with the Arsenal board?

—After what happened two years ago, the theme of our conversation was clear. I think the club has issued a very clear, very transparent statementMing, this is what we have to insist on.

About the partnership of Gabriel and Saliba

—I think they had chemistry right away, and as a coach, you really want to see that. They understand each other and everyone plays their role. They’re both respected and both are still young for their position.

About Barcelona’s participation in the European Super League

——This is not what I want to talk about. I believe everyone has their own appropriate reasons. I only represent Arsenal.

Did last season’s draw end the title race?

——That is determined by a series of games.

About Xhaka’s situation last season

– Xhaka did a lot of good things in a lot of games and we won and then no one talked about it. In important games we have to deal with certain things and emotions are a big part of it.

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