Laporta: There is no basis for the accusations in the Negrrera case and there is a sociological phenomenon of Madridism

Laporta: There is no basis for the accusations in the Negreira case. There is a sociological phenomenon of Madridism. SportsTalk, October 19th. Barcelona President Laporta recently said on the Els Matins de Catalunya Ràdio program, "Negrera

SportsTalk, October 19th: Barcelona President Laporta recently stated on the Els Matins de Catalunya Ràdio program that the investigating judge in the “Negrera case” Joaquín Aguirre will investigate him An investigation was launched, but Laporta reiterated that the accusations lacked legal basis. He also said there was a “Madridist sociology” phenomenon, which affected the progress of the case.

Laporta: “We know the history of this judge (Joaquin Aguirre), our defender warned us , we may be investigated like this, but since there is no bribery crime and no ongoing crime, such a charge is unlikely to succeed. In addition, the parties have also appealed against this. The change in the judge’s strategy even goes against the prosecutor’s office Standards, the prosecutor’s office has made clear, describe the case as sports corruption and unfair management, but in no way bribery.”

” There was a very strong sociological phenomenon of Madridism (hay un madridismo sociológico en Madrid) in Madrid and in related circles of power. I fought against it and we finally won. This sociological phenomenon of Madridism made me the first person in office There was a lot of pain in the first phase, but we also won a lot in the end. Now it’s happening again because we are getting better and better at every level: sporting, economic and institutional. This phenomenon used the Negrrera case to taint Barça We cannot allow this to happen.”

“The sociological phenomenon of Madridism has appeared in certain media and certain political environments. and certain areas of sport exist and are protected, we are forced to accept it because everyone can support the team they like, but we as Barça fans have to know that to fight like we have done and To win. My relationship with Florentino is normal, I don’t know if he will come to Camp Nou to watch El Clasico, I hope he will come because El Clasico is the best game in the world, two teams All are representative.”

Returning to the Negrrera case and Judge Aguirre’s latest judgment, Laporta believes: “It is strange that the investigating judge is committed to qualifying the facts, but the Prosecutor’s Office The standard is against bribery. We can all rest assured that this case will come to an end, as will many cases directed by this judge. Barcelona fans can remain calm, as a legal person I am calm and firmly believe that the relevant charges will not succeed because from a legal point of view there is no evidence to prove that this is a bribe because Mr. Negrrera is not a public official, And it’s not a continuing crime either. ”

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