La Liga Madrid Academy kicks off, doubles number of players and forms women’s team for the first time

La Liga Academy Madrid kicks off, doubles number of players and forms first women's team The long-running sports and academic program at the ESC LALIGA & NBA Center LALIGA Academy Madrid has now begun its third

LALIGA Academy Madrid’s long-term sports and academic program at the ESC LALIGA & NBA Center now begins its second year campaign, doubling the number of players and establishing the first women’s team. By June 2024, a total of nearly 80 players will be living in the camp while studying at international schools, training using La Liga methodology and being mentored by some of the best youth football coaches.

The consolidation of the program can be seen in the numbers: there were 36 football players in the first phase, while this time the size has almost doubled to almost 80. In addition, its diversity has increased: last season there were players from 24 countries, and in the 2023/24 season, young people from more than 40 countries will live in this training camp, providing a rich cultural exchange environment of.

Key to this year’s development, however, is the creation of a women’s football team that will include players from India, South Africa, Chile, Brazil, 18 players from Japan and other countries. The women’s team has been built largely thanks to support from La Liga and EA SPORTS as part of EA SPORTS’ ‘FC FUTURES’ initiative to drive football in communities around the world, which has already established a strong pipeline of players through selection and outstanding performance. Approximately 20 full-quarter scholarships are offered to international U17 players.

Francisco Javier Hernández, head of La Liga Academy, said: “We are very pleased with the success of La Liga’s youth training program. Very happy. We will have twice as many teams and players this year compared to last year, which shows that many players see this project as the best opportunity for their personal and sporting career development. It is also the project that we are able to set up a women’s team An important milestone that we hope will continue to promote the development of women’s football globally.”

La Liga Football ProjectDirector Juan Florit emphasized: “All coaches in the La Liga Academy have undergone comprehensive and rigorous selection and training, and are selected and trained specifically for this project. From the first day, the four teams will Training is conducted using the La Liga methodology, whose guidance and fundamental principles represent the model used by La Liga and La Liga clubs, which are leaders in their respective fields. The focus of the training process is on the overall development of the player, the improvement and optimization of individual performance Cognitive skills and understanding of the game, each team is led by a head coach, an assistant coach, a fitness coach, a goalkeeping coach and an analyst. All this is towards the end goal, i.e. Giving players all the tools they need to realize their potential on and off the pitch.”

La Liga Academy: New Era, New Name

Starting from the 2023/2024 season, in order to be consistent with La Liga’s brand positioning and aiming to comprehensively promote La Liga’s youth training football initiative, It will no longer be named “Grassroots Football”, but will be renamed “La Liga Academy”. The scope of this project covers short and long-term initiatives at the ESC LALIGA & NBA Center in Madrid as well as around the world. In total we have talked about over 650 projects in over 50 countries to date. To date, more than 200,000 players have participated in these programs, while 22,000 local coaches have been trained.

Short-term plans include summer camps. These sports development programs are held in countries around the world such as Japan, South Africa, the United States, Peru and Kenya; and will be held in countries such as Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Conduct selection activities. The La Liga Academy also runs programs for clubs or national teams who wish to undergo intensive training in Spain.

Long-term plans include schools, which are socially focused projects integrated into schools or educational centers, such as in India, Brazil, etc.; In addition, there is a youth training academy project, covering 8 academies around the world, distributed in countries such as China, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates. The La Liga Madrid Academy is at the heart of this project, working in lockstep with the other academies. La Liga Madrid Academy to end in September 2022Cheng, located at the ESC LALIGA & NBA Center, attracted approximately 36 players from 24 countries.

About La Liga

Spain The Professional Football League LALIGA (abbreviation: La Liga) is a global, innovative and socially responsible sports league, and a leader in leisure and entertainment. The league is responsible for organizing the Spanish professional football leagues – La Liga and La Liga and La Liga. It covers 20 La Liga clubs and 22 La Liga clubs. La Liga is the football league with the most social media followers in the world, with more than 200 million fans and covers 16 platforms in 20 different languages. La Liga is headquartered in Madrid and has 44 foreign representatives in 41 countries and regions around the world. In 2014, La Liga established an office in China. The league actively participates in social activities through its fund LALIGA Genuine and is the only professional football league in the world that has a league for players with intellectual disabilities.

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