PSV coach: Havertz can play both the 9th and 10th positions, he is really smart

Eindhoven coach: Havertz can play at both the 9th and 10th positions. He is really smart. SportsTalk, December 22. Eindhoven coach Bosz accepted an exclusive interview with The Athletic and talked about coaching Leverkusen in the past. He has worked with Havertz. "Before coaching

SportsTalk, December 22: Eindhoven coach Bosz accepted an exclusive interview with The Athletic and talked about his cooperation with Havertz when he coached Leverkusen in the past.

“I followed Leverkusen for a few months before coaching. At that time, Brandt played as a left winger and Havertz played on the right. Forward, I thought, why would you put your best player on the wing? I know the coach is worried that their defense is not good.”

“In my first meeting with Brandt, I challenged him and said I want you both to play as a No. 10 with a holding midfielder. But at the time the club didn’t People told me not to do that because there would be no one to defend. But Brandt told me: ‘No, coach, we will defend, Kai will do it, believe me!’, because this is his dream. .”

In the second half of that season, Havertz scored 11 Bundesliga goals, once helping Leverkusen rise to the top. Top four in the league. In March 2020, Bosz proposed another plan, which was to transform Havertz into a No. 9 player.

“I told him, don’t stay in one place, you are free in terms of movement, we have other players. In the 4-0 win over Eintracht Frankfurt, which was his first game as a center forward, his performance was amazing. I discussed it with Voller and Havertz said he was a No. 10, not a No. 9 player, but I think he can play both positions.”

“Sometimes you get a really good player like Kai , you don’t have to say anything and he gets players to follow his lead. I think he’s misunderstood, everything Havertz does is win games. Someone said Kai plays like Bach and I thought: ‘A A player plays the piano? I can’t believe it.’ But he was really smart. After that, he decided to join Chelsea and gave every player and staff a message before leaving.Every player prepared a box with his jersey pattern and name printed on the back. He didn’t have to do this, but that’s the kind of person he is. ”

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