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Ceferin: Football is not a thing for sale and nothing can change that

Ceferin: Football is not a thing for sale, and nothing can change this. SportsTalk, December 22 According to UEFA’s official website, Ceferin issued a speech about the European Super League. Ceferin said: "You can see from the current situation that football still has us closely.

Ceferin: Football is not a game for sale Something, nothing can change this

SportsTalk December 22 According to reports on UEFA’s official website, Ceferin released gave a speech about the European Super League.

Ceferin said: “From the current situation, we can see that football still connects us closely. This This was evidenced by a press conference with all stakeholders speaking out, and we have the support of national governments and relevant institutions. The press statement is in stark contrast to the European Court of Justice’s judgment, which was actually positive , because he demonstrated the key features of the European football system, namely fairness, openness and the value of the sport.

The European Court of Justice certainly did not It has given the green light to a project like the European Super League and has not approved it. We welcome the clarification from the European Court of Justice, which includes the recognition of the pre-authorization system and the dual role of UEFA as an organization and an authorization body. We have realized that As our authorization mechanism is currently not perfect enough, we will start to solve this problem from 2021 and propose a solution at the UEFA Executive Committee in 2022. We believe that our rules are fully consistent with the judgment of the European Court of Justice. Also That said, we will conduct further review after reading the ECJ’s decision in detail to see if further changes are needed.

“But it needs to be emphasized that the European Court of Justice recognizes European sports forms. It is also important to note that clubs from many countries, such as Germany, England and France, are banned from participating in projects outside the system. Of course, UEFA is free to organize its own competitions and sell its commercial rights exclusively. Therefore, any new types of events must comply with our new licensing rules. As you can see today, football remains united and well protected, and it is not affected by those who seek to divide it. Football is not a thing for sale, we as stakeholders have made this clear many times and nothing can change that. ”

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