Manwan: Manchester United keep player injury information relatively confidential, and some fans are dissatisfied

Manchester United has been plagued by frequent injuries this season, and in mid September, the team’s injured players were even able to assemble a starting lineup. Except for Sancho and Anthony who were unable to make it to the roster due to off field factors, Varane, Luke Shaw, and Wanbisaka were all unable to make it due to injuries.

Although Manchester United’s injury situation has been greatly alleviated with the return of several important players, the way head coach Teng Hah handles the team’s injury situation still attracts great attention from the outside world, and has even caused dissatisfaction among some fans.

During Tenghaha’s tenure as head coach, Manchester United kept their players’ injuries relatively confidential because Tenghaha believed that this was a medical secret of the club, meaning that only players could decide whether to disclose their injuries to the outside world. At the club’s press conferences, Teng Hah is often questioned by reporters about the team’s injuries, but he often keeps his mouth shut and answers very briefly, revealing as little information about injuries as possible.

Those who have been following the Manchester United press conference may have noticed this detail, the most typical example being when a reporter asked Teng Hah about the injuries of Luke Shaw and Munt before the game against Nottingham Forest. Teng Hah replied, “We cannot disclose that this is still their personal information at the moment. They will be absent for a period of time, and Luke Shaw will be longer than Munt

Tenghahe is accustomed to describing player injuries as’ personal ‘, which is considered to deceive opponents because he believes that revealing detailed injury information will give them an advantage. The confidentiality of injury situations has become more evident in the past few months’ injury wave, but fans are increasingly frustrated by the unclear reasons for players’ absences.

Malacia has been absent since playing against Fulham in the last round of last season, as he missed Manchester United’s entire pre-season training camp due to an injury, which means he has been sidelined for nearly four months. Despite being repeatedly questioned at the press conference, Tenghach has been unwilling to disclose the situation of Malacia until recently when Manwan reported on the injury of the Dutch defender.

Not being able to provide sufficient information about a player’s absence, especially for long-term injured players like Malaysia, can only attract more attention from the outside world and even lead to some false speculations, which is detrimental to the interests of the club. Moreover, it seems that Malacia will not refuse to disclose his injury situation, and the concealment of Malacia’s injury has made some Manchester United supporters very frustrated.

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