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Fluminense coach: Manchester City is the best team in the past five years. I have never studied other coaches

Fluminense coach: Manchester City is the best team in the past five years. I have never studied other coaches. SportsTalk, December 22. Before the Club World Cup final against Manchester City, Fluminense coach Fernando Dinis In an interview with FIFA's official website, he said that the team will work very hard to

SportsTalk December 22 Before the Club World Cup final against Manchester City, Fluminense coach Fernando Dinis said in an interview with FIFA’s official website that the team will be very Try to win the game.

Did you consider becoming a coach when you were growing up? Or just focus on your playing career?

-When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was be a player and imitate my idols. At that time, my idols were players like Zico, Socrates, Falcao, Junior, Cerezo and Leandro. Later, Romario became my idol, maybe my biggest idol, he was a player who impressed me deeply and he is still an important idol of mine today.

Have you learned from other coaches?

——I have never studied other coaches. My biggest idea is to make players feel happy tactically. , make them happy to play football, these things will spread to the stands and make the fans happy. I am always focused on doing the best for the players.

What was it like to win the Copa Libertadores?

——This is a big challenge and very difficult. But it’s a huge honor for everyone and we’re excited to achieve this important goal for our fans as well as ourselves. We achieved our dream and we put a lot of effort into it, not just the coaching staff and the players – the club gave us a lot of support, but also the fans who pushed us, which played a big role in getting us there. effect.

About Andre and Martinelli

——I think they are very talented players with a bright future. Considering Andre’s psychological characteristics and playing style, he can gain a foothold faster. Martinelli has also gradually established his position, and now he The performance is at a very high level.

About Ganso and Arias

– They enjoy working alongside each other and have been an important part of the team since I’ve been here, especially in terms of creativity, They played a big role. Arguably both of them are in the best phase of their careers, certainly for Arias, and Ganso has had other periods of great performance, but I think overall that’s also been the case for Ganso’s career. The best moment of his career. Not only his contribution in terms of creativity, but the way he worked with his teammates, I think this is a very outstanding stage of Ganso’s career.

About Kano

—— He has a rare gift for scoring goals, something that only the greatest strikers in the history of football have. I have played with many good players who know how to score goals. Cano is the top goalscorer I have ever seen. Another characteristic of him is that he also works a lot on defense, which makes him more and more comprehensive.

About Manchester City

– The best team in the world over the past five years, when they didn’t win the Champions League or the Premier League, they Very close too. They are the most consistent team and their coach cannot be described in words – he is a genius. Manchester City also have a lot of players who are at the top level in the world, so playing against them is a huge challenge and a kind of Honor.

Do you believe Fluminense can win the Club World Cup?

——I am always full of faith in life, and I am here because of this. Of course, there’s a long way between believing and winning, but throughout my career, on every team I’ve coached, I’ve always believed we could win the next game. Obviously, we know the quality of Manchester City, like I said, they have been the best team in the world for the past five years. But we have dreams and confidence and we will work very hard to win. My message to the fans is: we have faith and we will do our best to make our dreams a reality.

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