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Shanghai Media: There is a lot of overlap between the two teams, and fans ridiculed Sevilla as “Shenhua’s Spanish flower”

Shanghai Media: There is a lot of overlap between the two teams, and fans ridiculed Sevilla as "Shenhua's Spanish flower." SportsTalk reported on December 22 that Shenhua's former coach Flores replaced Shenhua's old player Alonso and became Sevilla's new coach. After becoming the head coach, "Xinmin Evening News" published an article sorting out the relationship between Shenhua and Sevilla

SportsTalk December 22: After Shenhua’s former coach Flores replaced Shenhua’s old player Alonso and became Sevilla’s new head coach, “Xinmin Evening News” The article sorted out the intersection between the two clubs Shenhua and Sevilla.

Sevilla, which was once famous in European football, performed poorly and suffered consecutive defeats in the Champions League and league. In the middle of this month, in order to restore the decline, the club issued two consecutive personnel announcements. Coincidentally, the protagonists were all old friends of Shenhua. After a 0-3 defeat at home to Getafe last Sunday, Sevilla officially announced that Diego Alonso has been sacked as head coach. Diego Alonso once served as a player for Shenhua in the 2007 season and won the A3 Champions League.

After firing Alonso, Sevilla Club quickly found a new coach – Quique Flores. In the 2019 season, Flores took up the coaching job of Shenhua amid high expectations, but parted ways with the team more than half a year later due to poor record. However, judging from the subsequent coaching career of “Hua Shuai”, the experience of coming and going at Shenhua may not be due to his limited coaching level. After all, after leaving Shenhua, Flores received an invitation from Watford in the Premier League to coach Hercules. When Taffy was in charge, he even had the “magical experience” of his predecessor leading the team with 1 draw and 7 losses to stay in the last place. After he took office, he went undefeated and was finally relegated early. In Sevilla’s first game after taking office, Flores led the team to a 3-0 sweep of Granada, which helped the “King of the Europa League” regain its momentum.

After witnessing Sevilla replacing “Shenhua’s old coach” with “Shenhua’s old coach”, there are more “Kings of the Europa League” A nickname was given – “Shenhua Spanish Flower”. Many Shanghai fans ridiculed: “It seems that Poyet and Cui Kangxi may coach Sevilla in the future. Wu Jingui, who has been in charge of coaching in times of crisis many times, can also take the time to learn Spanish and prepare for a rainy day.”

The intersection between Shenhua and Sevilla is actually not just about coaching. Foreign players Amadou and Cui Kangxi, who were highly praised for their performance last season, single-handedly resisted Hull when they led the team.Defender Mbia, who has taken turns attacking both Grams and Oscar, has played for the “King of the Europa League”. The two clubs are so destined. No wonder many fans have begun to think: “Since they use coaches and players that Shenhua has used, Shenhua will also use them in the future.” You can find foreign teachers with Sevilla background, such as Lopetegui, Sampaoli, Emery…”

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