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Morning News: Ten-man Real Madrid tops Alaves 1-0, Nacho gets red and Vazquez scores a stoppage time winner

Morning News: Ten-man Real Madrid reached the top of the table 1-0 Alaves, Nacho scored red and Vazquez scored a stoppage-time winner The two teams faced off against the world ❓ A quick overview of the European Super League camps 👉 Support only the emperor Four teams, including Salvador and Milan, have not expressed their opinions. The European Court of Justice has made a ruling on FIFA and UEFA's alleged monopoly of European football.

[Many European clubs have stated their opposition to the European Super League]

Two teams against the world ❓ Europe A quick overview of the super camp👉The only supporting team is Real Madrid, Milan and other 4 teams have not expressed their stance

The Court of Justice of the European Union ruled on FIFA and UEFA’s alleged monopoly on European football, The relevant regulations of UEFA and FIFA violate EU antitrust laws, and the European Super League does not need their approval. In response to this ruling, many European clubs issued statements supporting or opposing the European Super League. The only supporters were Real Madrid and Barcelona. Four of the 12 founding clubs, Milan, Juventus, Arsenal and Liverpool, did not express their stance.

【Game Report】

La Liga – reach the top! Ten-man Real Madrid defeated Alaves Nacho 1-0 and Vazquez won in stoppage time

In the 18th round of La Liga, ten-man Real Madrid won 1-0 Killing Alaves to reach the top, Vazquez’s stoppage time winner, Nacho red, Real Madrid only has one genuine central defender left in the next round.

Ten people reached the top with a decisive victory! La Liga standings: Real Madrid moved up to first place, Girona moved into second place with the same points

In this round of La Liga, Girona drew with Betis 1-1, and ten-man Real Madrid beat Alaves 1-0. In the standings, Real Madrid is first with 45 points, and Girona is second with 45 points. , Barcelona third with 38 points.

Saudi United-Riyadh Crescent 7-0 Abha League 11th consecutive victory Milin capped Mi Shen scored

In the 18th round of the Saudi Arabian League, Riyadh Crescent defeated Abha 7-0 and won 11 consecutive league victories. Milinkovic-Savic After wearing a hat, Mitrovic scored; in the standings, Riyadh Crescent topped the list, leading Riyadh Victory with 2 rounds less by 13 points.

[Wolves renew Huang Xican’s contract with the team’s maximum salary]

The team’s maximum salary! Official: Wolves and South Korean international Hwang Hee-chan has renewed his contract until 2028

Official news, the Wolves have renewed their contract with South Korean forward Hwang Hee-chan until June 2028, with a one-year extension option. According to previous reports from Roma According to Nuo’s report, Huang Xican will receive the team’s maximum salary after renewing his contract.

[Other News]

The best lineup of the Champions League group stage: Kane and Jesus partner in the striker, Bellin and Saka are included

UEFA Champions League group stage best lineup Released, Jesus and Kane partnered on the front line, with Bellingham, Saka, Cancelo, Foden and others on the list.

Premier League fans voted for the “most annoying” coach: Uncle Zha “narrowly beat” Ten Hahe, Tasha 3 coaches and Guards 4

British media “Stocklytics” launched a A fan vote: Among the Premier League coaches this season, who are the five people you hate the most? The results show that Liverpool coach Klopp “leads” by a narrow margin, and Manchester United coach Ten Hag ranked second.

Official: Liverpool signed a long-term contract with 18-year-old midfielder Clark. The player has played 2 times for the first team

Liverpool official news, the club signed a long-term contract with 18-year-old midfielder Bobby Clark. Bobby Clark was born in 2005 and plays as a midfielder. He joined Liverpool from Newcastle in 2021. He played in Liverpool 9 last season Made his debut in the -0 win over Bournemouth and made his first start for Liverpool in the League Cup against Derby County in November.

Milan official: Pobega left rectus femorisThe tendon surgery was successful, and the injury is expected to be sidelined for four months

Milan official news, team midfielder Pobega successfully underwent left rectus femoris tendon surgery, and the expected recovery time is for four months. Pobega is 24 years old and has played 13 times in all competitions for Milan this season, with a total playing time of 445 minutes.

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