Referee experts talk about Ramos’ controversial move: If it is considered a violent act, he may be sent off

Referee experts talk about Ramos' controversial actions: If it is considered to be a violent act, he may be sent off. SportsTalk News on October 22 Early this morning, Real Madrid drew 1-1 away from home with Sevilla. Referee expert Iturralde Talking about the controversial move of Ramos grabbing Rudiger's cheek during the game.

SportsTalk, October 22, early this morning, Real Madrid drew 1-1 with Sevilla away from home. Referee expert Iturralde talked about Ramos catching Rudiger during the game. Controversial movements of cheeks.

In the 42nd minute of the first half, during a conflict caused by a corner kick, Ramos grabbed Rudiger’s This action caused controversy. Referee expert Iturralde analyzed: “We saw an action that is not common on the football field. Ramos grabbed Rudiger’s cheek with both hands. This was obvious. Yellow card action. But we have to see if this is a violent act. If the referee or the VAR referee thinks that this method is violent, or if they see the intensity of the grabbing action, then he can be sent off completely.

“The yellow card warning is clear, but You can’t risk it in case the referee thinks it’s violent and if it were me, I would send him off. ”

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