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Not guilty! RMC: Acquittal in Galthie discrimination case! cried during the hearing in response to the accusations

Not guilty! RMC: Acquittal in Galthie discrimination case! SportsTalk reported on December 22 that Galthie was sentenced on December 21, local time, for his alleged racial discrimination case. According to RMC reports, the result of the trial was: Galthie was not guilty! RMC said,

SportsTalk reported on December 22 that Galthie’s alleged racial discrimination case was pronounced on December 21, local time. According to RMC reports, the result of the trial was: Galthie was not guilty!

RMC stated that the prosecution requested that Galti be sentenced to 3 years in prison + a fine of 45,000 euros, but Galti was charged with harassment and discrimination. None of the charges have been determined.

At the hearing, many Nice club officials said that the relationship between Fournier and Galthie, who accused Galthie, was very bad. .

According to previous reports, Galthie admitted at the hearing that he had used “King Kong” to describe black players. Debo even cried when he was accused of extremism.

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Yes Galthie’s accusations were initially made by former Nice sporting director Julien Fournier, who insisted that Galthie showed his incomprehension about having “so many black people and Muslims” in the team. Strongly question it.

On December 5, L’Equipe disclosed the contents of a hearing held in front of the police by several persons involved in the case. Among them is former player Frederic Joria, who served as assistant coach during Galthie’s tenure. Joria said that on that day in January 2022, Galthie was angry when he learned that the team had introduced French-Algerian player Bilal Brahimi. He allegedly said at the time: “Another Muslim , I don’t want this, I’ve had enough.”

Also according to Joria, Galthie will transfer the team members Attal and Hicham Boudawi (Algerian player) is called a “dirty guy.” “The worst ones are the Algerians,” he allegedly said, his words again being strongly questioned.

Another testimony came from the club’s video analyst Hachim Ali Mbaé, who is now in Strasbourg , during halftime of the game between Nice and Saint-Etienne in September 2021, Galthie called Saint-Etienne’s two black players Harold Mukudi and Mikael Nader “two King Kong (Chimpanzee)”.

According to L’Equipe, Galthie’s handling of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan is also controversial. In March 2022, Galthie drew up a list of names of players they wanted to leave the club. Among them are Attal, Budawi, Todibo… all Muslim players. Sporting director Julien Fournier gave one player in his recruitment suggestions, and this player comes from Turkey. According to Fournier’s testimony, Galthie responded: “Julian, you still don’t understand. I don’t want any more black players or Arab players.”

Todibo was also questioned by police, with the defender explaining that he had been pressured by Galthie to end his Ramadan fast. Todibo also learned from another person that his coach Galthie described him as a Salafist (an extremist Islamic sect) and an extremist, especially because one day he arrived at the training center wearing “traditional “clothing.

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