Hope you are healthy! Rodrygo’s statistics: 2 key passes injured in 89 minutes, rating 6.7

Hope you are healthy! Rodrigo's data: 2 key passes were withdrawn due to injury in the 89th minute. Rating 6.7 SportsTalk. December 22 News. Real Madrid beat Alaves 1-0 with 10 players. Rodrigo started this game and was injured in the 89th minute. In terms of statistics, Rodrigo had 2 shots and 1 shot

SportsTalk December 22 News: 10-man Real Madrid defeated Alaves 1-0. Rodrygo started the game and retired injured in the 89th minute. .

In terms of data, Rodrigo made 2 shots and 1 shot on target, lost the ball 20 times, and attempted 2 dribbles 8 times. Success, 2 key passes, 4 successes in 13 duels, 2 fouls, rating 6.7.

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