MIDI: Milan is considering asking Conte to coach next June, Abate may be a temporary solution

Milan Sports: Milan is considering asking Conte to coach next June, and Abate may be used as a temporary solution. SportsTalk reported on December 24 that according to "Gazzetta dello Sport", the Milan club is disappointed with the performance of coach Pioli and may consider replacing him. handsome. In this round of Serie A, Milan has 2 away games

SportsTalk December 24 According to “Gazzetta dello Sport”, the Milan club is disappointed with the performance of coach Pioli and may consider changing coaches.

In this round of Serie A, Milan drew 2-2 away from deputy squad leader Salernitana. This made Milan fans very disappointed, and coach Pioli’s position has begun to be unstable. Milanese people began to ask each other: “Will we change the coach?” “Gazzetta dello Sport” revealed that this Saturday afternoon the Milan boss Cardinale had a phone call with CEO Forlani and decided not to change coaches in the near future. At present, most people in the Milan club still support Pioli, so Pioli can spend Christmas in peace and is expected to coach until the end of this season – if the performance does not continue to decline.

Milan executives believe that one of the important reasons for the team’s unsatisfactory results this season is too many injuries. Milan players have suffered 30 injuries in the past five months, which is a record in Italian football and may also be a record in European football. Injuries caused Milan to lose and crash out of the Champions League group stage. In addition, the condition of main players such as Leo and Special Olympics has also declined significantly. The Milan club hopes to work hard to solve the injury problem, and Milan boss Cardinale made it clear in his Christmas speech: “Like all of you, I am not satisfied with our current results in Serie A or the Champions League.” This obviously gave Pi Oli brings huge pressure and disappointed Milan fans will put further pressure on Pioli.

“Gazzetta dello Sport” pointed out that Milan is currently less likely to fire Pioli, but it is very likely that it will end at the end of this season Later, a coaching change was considered, and Pioli’s contract expires in 2025, and he will be fired one year early.

The person most likely to succeed Pioli in coaching Milan next June is Conte. The famous Italian coach hopes to return to his country to coach. And Milan’s existing players can also adapt to Conte’s tactics. However, Conte refused to take over the team midway through the season and would require large sums of money for signings. Milan Club needs to meetHis input needs. Another new coach candidate for Milan is Abate. Abate is currently coaching the Milan youth team. He has achieved good results in the youth league and the Youth Champions League and has trained many outstanding young players. However, there is a huge gap between the youth team and the first team, and Abate may only be a temporary solution.

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