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Murphy: The changes Rice has brought to Arsenal are incredible, Liverpool just lack such a midfielder

Murphy: The changes that Rice has brought to Arsenal are unbelievable. Liverpool lacks such a midfielder. SportsTalk According to on December 25, Liverpool star and former England international Danny Murphy said in the "Daily Mail" In the latest personal column of the newspaper, he praised

SportsTalk December 25 According to, Liverpool star and former England international Danny Murphy praised Arsenal’s midfielder in the latest personal column of the “Daily Mail” Rice said Liverpool should have beaten the Gunners in the race for the England international this summer.

Murphy wrote: “If a young deep-lying midfielder wants to learn how to improve every aspect of his game, then Just go watch Liverpool 1-1 Arsenal and follow Declan Rice. He played absolutely well. This game revealed to me how important Rice and Saliba are to Arteta. If they want to win the Premier League, they cannot do without these two players. With these two, they can achieve results in any competition.”

“It also made me realize how much Liverpool need a player like him! If Rice had been in a Liverpool shirt, I think they would have won the title. He was fantastic. He was outstanding in every aspect last night: his reading of the game, winning the ball, his positioning and playing style, how he handles the ball under pressure, moving between the lines… it was a game He had a wonderful game in all aspects.”

“I’m just surprised that he played such a game, but in the game After that, there was almost no applause from the two commentators on Sky TV, Neville and Carragher – maybe because these two former defenders were busy praising Saliba and Van Dijk!”

“Liverpool can still win the title but in away games and in important European games with a physical and intelligent midfielder like Rice – Or just like Manchester City having Rodri – it will be very helpful for them to play well in the Premier League and European competition. The changes he brought to Arsenal are incredible. However, after this wonderful game, Arsenal Na will be the happier of the two teams. Both sides have proven they can match each other, especially defensively.”

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