[Issue 1] Selection of the top 20 goals of the year by Live Broadcast: Dimarco’s shocking lob and Onuachu’s scorpion tail

Selection of the Top 20 Goals of the Year by Live Broadcast: Dimarco’s shocking lob, Onuachu’s scorpion swinging his tail to define 2023 with goals! SportsTalk's 2023 top 20 goal selection officially started this week. Based on the nominations from friends, the editor has selected the 50 best candidates. Next

Use goals to define 2023! SportsTalk’s selection of the top 20 goals in 2023 officially started this week. Based on the nominations of bar friends, the editor has selected the top 50 candidates. Next, the final top 20 goals of the year will be determined through bar friends’ voting.

SportsTalk annual top 20 goals selection process:

1. The top 50 candidate goals are divided into 5 groups, with 10 goals in each group;

2. The minibar will update the selection every day from Monday to Friday, with new updates on time at noon every day. Bar friends are welcome to follow the “Top 20 Goals of the Year” account to participate in the voting; strong>

3. According to the votes of the friends, the top 20 goals of the 50 candidates will become the “SportsTalk 2023 Top 20 Best goal”.

First period candidate goal:

Jiang Chengjin breaks into Longtan alone, confidently riding a bicycle and shooting at blind spots! U20 Asian Cup: South Korea2-0 Jordan

Female player Noureddine has a team in the backcourt and can’t pull her apart He can’t be tackled, and his speed and physical advantages are fully demonstrated! Riyadh Crescent Women’s Football Team2-0 Jeddah United Women’s Football Team

Full Moon Scimitars, Lewin free kick Draw a fatal arc! Major League Soccer: St. Louis City3-1 Vancouver Whitecaps

Taji’s long shot was like a shot The cannonballs blasted out Kazakhstan’s deafening counterattack story! European Qualifiers: Kazakhstan3-2 Denmark

Lozano’s free kick went over the wall and went straight into the dead corner. Mexican Super League: Atlas2-2 America

Mubana scored with an overhead kick, and his flying tornado leg shined to move over! Valerenga 2-4Bode shines

Capture the enemy general’s head in the midst of thousands of troops! Verona player Ngonge scored with an upside-down golden hook in a 4-man double-team. Serie A: Udine Sri Lanka 3-3Verona

Mamudov’s half-court lob, the main hit was caught off guard and shocked the world. !European preliminaries: Azerbaijan3-0 Sweden

2m01 Onuachu god-level scorpion pendulum Final kill + somersault celebration! Turkish Super League: Trabzonspor2-1 Konyaspor

Dimarco’s stunning lob from the wing was 56 meters away from the goal. Serie A: Inter Milan2-0 Frosinone

More exciting candidate goals will be brought to the bar friends this week ~ so stay tuned!

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