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Telegraph: La Jue prioritizes overhauling Manchester United’s football department, but Ten Hag also believes a shake-up is needed

Telegraph: La Jue prioritizes the thorough reform of Manchester United's football department, and Ten Hag also believes that it is necessary to reorganize SportsTalk. On December 25, Ineos Group, headed by Sir Ratcliffe, has officially announced the 1.3 billion pound acquisition of 25% of Manchester United's shares. The new shareholders will also fully take over the club’s football affairs.

SportsTalk December 25th: Ineos Group, headed by Sir Ratcliffe, has officially announced its £1.3 billion acquisition of 25% of Manchester United’s shares. The new shareholder will also take over the club’s football affairs. ” The Daily Telegraph published an article talking about the possible impact of this situation on current Manchester United coach ten Hag.

It was reported that ten Hag believed that Ratcliffe would fully acquire Manchester United last summer and was looking forward to this. The announcement of a deal. At the time he even thought there was an agreement, as he was told that a full takeover might be in the best interests of the club and its supporters. And if Manchester United can return to British hands from the Americans, it will be an opportunity for the club to return to its position as a “British club”.

Within Manchester United, some people predict that Ratcliffe’s premium acquisition of Manchester United shares may involve future or even as early as next summer. Regarding the agreement to acquire a large share, all parties deny that there is a relevant formal agreement because the Glazer family did not get the comprehensive acquisition offer they wanted.

In terms of income, Manchester United is still a cash cow, but in the era of Middle East funds behind its competitors, if Jassi If Mu Neng’s bid is successful, Manchester United may feel that they will have greater financial resources. Ten Hag is smart and ambitious, and has high demands in the transfer market. He understands that Glazer is not welcome here, so he also believes that it is in the best interest of Manchester United to make a clean break with them.

However, the Glazer family has not left, but now it seems that Ten Hag will follow the arrangements of the new head. Historically, with the team’s current situation, head coaches tend not to last long. Manchester United are in such a difficult situation now. Not only are they out of the Champions League, but their league ranking has also fallen outside the European war, which does not help Ten Hag’s situation. And he still has many questions to answer about the team, including Sancho, transfers, training and team development.

Apart from the obvious results on the pitch, the key will be the infrastructure that Ratcliffe and Ineos will build around Ten Hag, who is expected to appoint a new sporting director to succeed director Murtaugh, and possibly Appoint a new director of recruiting.

Murtaugh was the driving force behind Ten Hag’s hiring and, in fact, may also Will stay for a while, except for the handover, he is eager to stay in some capacity. The ideal replacement candidate is Ashworth, but it will be difficult to take him away from Newcastle and the cost will be very high. Therefore A number of others are also being considered, including Crystal Palace’s Friedman, former Spurs recruitment chief Paul Mitchell, Atalanta’s Lee Congerton, Maldini and Massara and Atletico Madrid’s Berti.

Ratcliffe clearly wants to prioritize an overhaul of the football department, given United’s track record in signings Ten Hag is also responsible for the problem.However, Ratcliffe also seems to have his own audit plan and will also study the role of technical director Darren Fletcher.

It is understood that Ten Hag himself also believes that Manchester United needs to reorganize the football department to provide it with more support. Worth paying attention to The question is whether he will accept the structure Ratcliffe wants to establish, especially since it may reduce his power. How to deal with all this may be the key to determining Ten Hag’s future.

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