Football News: National teams at all levels have made some breakthroughs this year, and the U15 National Youth League won the East Asian Cup

Football News: National teams at all levels have made some breakthroughs this year. The U15 National Youth Team won the East Asian Cup. SportsTalk reported on December 25 that "Football News" wrote an article about the performance of national youth teams at all levels. Among them, the Chinese men's football team entered the Asian Games. Top 8, the Olympic team advanced to U2 after many years

SportsTalk reported on December 25 that “Football News” wrote an article about the performance of national youth teams at all levels. Among them, the Chinese men’s football Asian Games team entered the top 8 of the Asian Games, and the National Olympic team advanced after many years. In the main match of the U23 Asian Cup, the national youth U15 won the East Asian Cup championship, and national teams at all levels made some breakthroughs.

U20 Asian Cup: National Youth Group Qualification

At the beginning of this year, the National Youth Team competed in the U20 Asian Cup. The team’s goal is to enter the World Youth Championship.

In the group stage, the Japanese U20 team in the same group won the first place in the group with a complete victory record. Although the Chinese U20 team lost in the first game Japan, but then defeated the defending champion Saudi Arabia and drew with Kyrgyzstan in the final round to complete the group qualifying task.

In the subsequent knockout round, the National Youth Team lost to South Korea and was eliminated and could not advance to the World Youth Championship. However, it still created a record of 9 years by entering the quarterfinals. The best result of this team was the 2014 Myanmar Asian Youth Championship.

U23 Asian Cup: National Olympics advanced to the finals

The Chinese Olympic team will compete in the U23 Asian Cup qualifiers in September. The team has been preparing for this event for four years. In the group stage, the first match was a draw with the United Arab Emirates. The National Olympics had many opportunities, but they failed to seize them. With the Maldives withdrawing from the competition, the National Olympics needed to improve on the goal difference in the second game against the Indian National Olympics, and they were almost tied. Fortunately, Nobi Jiang defeated the opponent. With 4 points and only one goal difference, we were lucky enough to qualify for the U23 Asian Cup finals as the second best team.

In the finals in April next year, the National Olympics will be in the same group as Japan, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates, and it will be very difficult to qualify. After the National Olympics team finished the U23 Asian Cup qualifiers, some players went to Hangzhou , participating in the Asian Games.

Asian Games: Asian Games team reaches the top 8

The Chinese Asian Games team is in Group A. After two consecutive victories, the team advanced to the top 16 in advance. They faced the powerful Qatar team in the 1/8 finals , Tao Qianglong scored with a header, giving the Asian Games team the lead, and eventually maintained the 1-0 score until the end. After advancing to the top 8, they met the South Korean team, lost 0-2, and finally ended the Asian Games journey in seventh place. It is the best result since fifth place in the 2006 Doha Asian Games.

U15 East Asian Cup: National Junior Winning the Championship

The first U15 East Asian Cup was held in Qingdao. In the group stage, the Chinese U15 team defeated the Macau team of China 13-0. They defeated Mongolia 6-0, defeated the Northern Mariana Islands 23-0, and drew 1-1 with South Korea, ranking first in the group. Then they defeated Chinese Taipei 5-0 in the semifinals, and their final opponent was Japan. , the two sides drew 0-0 in 90 minutes, and finally defeated their opponents 4-2 in the penalty shootout to win the championship.

U17 Asian Cup: The group ranks at the bottom

In the U17 Asian Cup held in June this year, China’s U17 group ranked at the bottom The last time a national junior team qualified for the group stage in this event dates back to 2006. Since 2000, the national junior team has participated 9 times and only qualified 3 times (third place in 2002, champion in 2004, and was eliminated in the quarter-finals in 2006). Eliminated), including this time, they were eliminated in the group stage 6 times. In 2010 and 2023, they both had 1 draw and 2 losses in the group stage, which was the worst result. In 2016 and 2018, the national junior team fell twice. Qualifying stage.​​​​

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