Football News: Henan team has not contacted Cui Yongzhu so far, Sarko’s contract still has one year left

Football News: The Henan team has not contacted Cui Yongzhu so far, and Sarko’s contract still has one year left. SportsTalk reported on December 25 that last Wednesday, Li Weifeng officially took office as the deputy general manager of the Henan Club. According to "Football News", from now on, the Henan team will enter the rhythm of the new season. on home soil

SportsTalk December 25 News Last Wednesday, Li Weifeng officially took office as the deputy general manager of Henan Club. According to “Football News”, from now on, the Henan team will enter the rhythm of the new season. The club has made various preparations for the renewal and introduction of local players. The most important issue of the coaching position is that the club needs to conduct further evaluation with shareholders. After all, Salko’s contract still has one year left, and the team has not yet contacted Cui Yongzhu.

After Li Weifeng arrived at the club last Wednesday, he quickly started working. The workload currently before him is relatively large. The first is whether head coach Salko will remain in office. It is reported that Henan team coach Salko is already in China and had a brief exchange with Li Weifeng after he took office. Judging from public opinion’s evaluation of Salko after the end of the season, Henan fans did not have much change in their views on him because of the winning streak in the latter part of the season. The main reason is that the Henan team’s tactical content and many employment issues during the league last season were puzzling. His stay in the new season has also become the focus of everyone’s attention recently. It can be confirmed that Salko will lead the team in the early training. He still has one year of contract with Henan Club. If a coaching change is involved, the club will face the issue of termination fee.

It was previously reported on the Internet that the famous Korean coach Choi Yong-soo is very close to the Henan team. However, “Football News” reported that the Henan team has not contacted Cui Yongzhu so far. After all, Salko still has a contract. However, whether the situation will change in the future requires further communication between the club and shareholders.

The winter training plan has been initially determined, and the club is also studying the issue of whether Salco will renew his contract. Regarding the Henan team’s new season, there is another very important issue, which is signings and contract renewals. Salko is currently still the team’s head coach. During his communication with the club, he gave an evaluation of the existing foreign players and the players whose contracts expired on December 31.

Henan’s personnel situation is now specific: 14 domestic players have contracts on the last day of this yearAt the end of the day, there is one foreign aid. In terms of foreign players, except for Adrian who has announced his departure from the team, the remaining four foreign players will not all be retained and will be adjusted based on salary and tactical needs in the new season. The 14 domestic players whose contracts have expired include both players who have expired on loan such as Gao Tianyu, and players whose normal contracts have expired. Players whose normal contracts have expired include veterans such as Zhao Yuhao, Gu Cao, and Ke Zhao.

“Football News” concluded that the Henan team in the new season has entered a new era starting from this month. Next year has a “three big steps” strategy for steady development. On the premise that the first team and youth training base are stable, the club will focus on diversified business operations, hoping to continue to enhance the club’s blood-forming capabilities and better serve the needs of fans. , to ensure the healthy, stable and sustainable development of the club’s operations.

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