Sports: Chinese players can’t even compete with the existing foreign aid groups, and it will be even worse if the quota for foreign aid is relaxed.

Sports: Chinese players can’t even compete with the existing foreign aid groups, and it will be even more difficult to relax the foreign aid quota. SportsTalk, October 23: In response to the Football Association Chairman Song Kai’s remarks that the foreign aid policy should be in line with the AFC, "Sports Weekly" Journalist Wang Xiaorui commented in an article that the current further opening up of foreign countries

SportsTalk reported on October 23 that in response to Football Association Chairman Song Kai’s remarks that the foreign aid policy should be in line with the AFC, “Sports Weekly” reporter Wang Xiaorui commented in an article saying that it is still not possible to further open the foreign aid quota. It’s too early.

Even though experts who support the open foreign aid policy use the AFC Champions League reform and even the popularity of West Asia as examples, they ignore the current situation of Chinese football. Realistic and fragile ecological environment. The fact that the Saudi league can release 8 foreign players is based on the flourishing of Saudi football youth training. Especially in recent years, the Saudi 97/98 national youth team has won two runner-ups in the U19 Asian Youth Championship and the U23 Asian Cup. 99/ The 00-year-old National Youth Team aspires to win the 2018 U19 Asian Youth Championship. The Qatar League’s “5+2” foreign aid policy was originally based on the rise of the Asbeir generation, especially the 95/96 age group. They played all the way from childhood to the top three in Asia, and won the Asian Cup as adults.

Even so, the Saudi national team and the Qatar national team have begun to taste the pain of the open foreign aid policy. On the international match day this month, the Saudi team lost 1-3 to Mali. Forwards Shehri and Hamdan were criticized for their poor performance. But take a look at their performance in Riyadh Crescent. Don’t they just give Neymar and Mitte Lovich sat on the bench. Among them, Shehri, who scored the goal of Argentina in the World Cup, has only played 1 minute in the first 10 rounds of the league so far. His teammate Cano, the 1.92-meter-tall defensive midfielder, has recently begun to give way to Milinkovic-Savic as the main player. And in the match against Mali on behalf of the Saudi team, he, who had performed well in the World Cup, was completely out of control. He played 73 minutes and had 0 successful confrontations.

With the end of the Qatar World Cup, the large influx of foreign aid from the Qatar League has also caused a sharp decline in the level of the Qatar national team. Stars such as Afef and Ali are gradually getting older, and the newcomers have no ball to play and can’t work, but Queiroz insists on recruiting new players. As a result, from July 8 this year to now, the Qatar team has lost five consecutive international games. In March, they suffered a 0-4 defeat against Iran and almost lost to the Iraqi team. In the AFC Champions League, the two giants Al Sadd and Duhail have not won a game so far, which shows that the overall regression of Qatari football has already begun.It happened quietly, and isn’t this caused by the opening up of foreign aid?

In fact, opening up foreign aid is a trend, but the key is to find the right time and find the right balance. For example, the Neighbor K Alliance also spent nearly a year going through various surveys and analyses, and finally made up its mind to implement the New Deal. So what is the real balance to find? In fact, it is the competition ratio between local players and foreign players in a country’s league. For example, in the Chinese Super League, if you look at the top ten or twenty top scorers, assists, steals, and dribblers, when the dominance rate of Chinese players exceeds that of foreign players, opening up the foreign players quota will attract more high-level foreign players. Increase competition. And if foreign players take over the mainstream, and if the quota is increased, Chinese players will not be able to compete with the existing groups, and they will be completely dead by then!

The real priority is to start from the bottom first, such as grafting the bridge from youth training to the profession, and carrying forward the Chinese A and China The function of cultivating talents for B and even the championship. And if you start from the top, you may seem to be prosperous, but you may end up with nothing. This is a serious routing issue.

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