Football News recommends the reconstruction of the Football Association: the core is youth training, external support needs to be gained & internal integration also needs to be achieved

Football News recommends the reconstruction of the Chinese Football Association: focus on youth training as the core, external support is needed & internal integration is also needed SportsTalk News on December 25 Today, "Football News" issued an article giving suggestions for various reconstruction tasks of the Chinese Football Association, believing that youth training, Diplomacy and internal integration are the current key tasks of the Football Association

SportsTalk December 25th Today, “Football News” issued an article giving suggestions on various reconstruction tasks of the Chinese Football Association, believing that youth training, diplomacy, and internal integration are all the current key tasks of the Football Association. .

Core focus on youth training

New Football Association Chairman Song Kai’s first external seminar and first media exchange meeting after taking office, the topic was youth football. “In my heart, and in the heart of the new team, youth training is a top priority. If Chinese football wants to take the Long March, it must do a good job in youth training. We must use sustained efforts to restore Chinese football to health in 10 years. ”

When meeting with FIFA President Infantino last week, Song Kai focused on expressing his emphasis on youth football. . “I am mainly committed to the development of Chinese youth football. I also hope to get help and guidance from FIFA in the development of youth football. I also hope to have the opportunity to host more international youth football competitions to promote the development of Chinese football from youth to youth football.” Get started and catch up with the international level as soon as possible.”

Strive for external support

Chinese football is rebuilding not only the Chinese Football Association itself, but also Chinese football diplomacy. As China is unable to host the Asian Cup and Club World Cup, including personnel changes that have led to the East Asian Football Confederation losing its dominance, Chinese football diplomacy has entered a freezing point. Therefore, the diplomatic reconstruction work of the Chinese Football Association has become very urgent, which can provide Chinese football development provides a good external environment.

On the evening of October 30, the day before the AFC annual awards conference, Song Kai met with AFC Chairman Salman , the next day, Song Kai had another meeting with FIFA Secretary General MathiasMeetings and exchanges were held. Because the Asian Cup will no longer be held and other reasons, the AFC has complained about Chinese football and even targeted it. This meeting between Song Kai and Salman was also called an “ice-breaking trip”. However, how to further deepen it in the future? The relationship with the AFC, especially striving for more say, including having more candidates on relevant committees, is a major issue facing the Chinese Football Association.

Internal organization integration

For Song Kai, the Chinese football he faces is full of waste: the league is still trapped by financial problems, youth competition and other related matters need to be further sorted out, as well as the construction of member associations, especially the construction of local competitions. A big problem, but for the Chinese Football Association, a very critical and urgent task is institutional reform and personnel adjustment. If the Chinese Football Association wants to straighten out various tasks, it is simply impossible to rely on Song Kai and several vice presidents alone. An efficient organization and a professional management team are crucial to the Chinese Football Association. If there are big problems at the employment level, many of the Chinese Football Association’s future tasks may be in trouble again.

Of course, comprehensively sorting out the relationship with the General Administration of Sports and related departments is also a major issue facing Song Kai. “Kowloon flood control” is considered to be one of the important reasons for the failure of Chinese football in the past period, but how to achieve unity and consistent steps is by no means an easy task.

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