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🎄 Vinicius and Camavinga’s Christmas vacation: Checking in at NBA games & trendy men sweeping the streets in Los Angeles

🎄Vinisius and Camavinga’s Christmas Vacation: Checking in at the NBA Arena & Stylish Man Sweeping the Streets in Los Angeles Vinicius and Camavinga came to the United States for their Christmas vacation. They watched many NBA games live and wore Walking through the streets of Los Angeles in trendy clothes, Bear came to watch the home game of the Oklahoma City Thunder and met with Ray

Vinicius and Camavinga came to the United States for vacation during the Christmas holiday. The two watched many NBA games live and strolled around in trendy clothes. Streets of Los Angeles

The bears come to Oklahoma Watching the Thunder’s home game and taking photos with Thunder stars Jaylen Williams, Chet Holmgren, and SGA

But this story tells us that we must choose a good location for a group photo, it must be 😂

The two also took photos with Harden, Tatum and other stars

Here are Camavinga’s latest trendy men’s street photos ↓

Of course, while resting and relaxing, the two of them did not forget about work and were also doing rehabilitation training during vacation↓

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