Messi’s neighbor: Since Messi moved to our community, the price of houses has started to rise

Messi’s neighbor: Since Messi moved into our community, the price of the house has started to increase. SportsTalk reported on December 25 that according to the "Daily Mail" report, entrepreneur and blog host Patrick Bet David revealed that since Messi moved into their neighborhood Since joining the community, he has been working

SportsTalk December 25 According to the “Daily Mail” report, entrepreneur and blog host Patrick Bet David revealed that since Messi moved into their community, he has been in Lauderdale Fort’s real estate value has reached $25 million.

After signing with Inter Miami, Messi moved to Florida this summer. Before this, Messi and Antonella lived in a $9 million apartment just minutes away from the “Gold Coast”. In September, he purchased a new property in Fort Lauderdale worth $10.75 million.

It is reported that Messi’s mansion has ten bedrooms, a spa room, two docks and a swimming pool. It is located in Within the gated community of Bay Colony. One of Messi’s neighbors is Patrick Bet David. Since Messi moved into the neighborhood, home prices in the neighborhood have skyrocketed. Patrick Bet David said in an interview with reporters: “According to the current situation, the price of my house has reached 25 million US dollars. After Messi moved next door to us, everyone wants to come to our community. This is a In the gated community of the island, there is only one way to go, very private and safe. Now Messi lives here, everyone is on the boat looking at the houses here.”

In addition, Busquets also purchased a property not far from Messi’s property. He spent approximately $9 million to purchase a beachfront home in Sea Ranch Lakes . Currently, Messi is enjoying his vacation. He reportedly already owns a $9 million luxury condo in Miami and two other condos in Sunny Isles Beach.

It was reported that as early as 2019, Messi bought an apartment in the Porsche Tower in Miami, a 60-story building. Inter Miami Stadium is only 25 minutes away. It is reported that the building has severalAn elevator specially designed for car owners, who can use the elevator to place their cars in their apartments. In addition to its own car lift, the apartment also comes with its own private dining room, as well as an outdoor lounge facing the ocean.

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