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Name: If selected as the best defensive team and elected as DPOY, McDaniels will receive a prize of 5 million yuan

The Timberwolves officially announced today that they have reached an early renewal contract with McDaniels for up to $136 million over a period of five years.

According to Bobby Marks, an expert in naming and salary, McDaniels’ fixed salary for renewing his contract is $131 million, without any options, and there is also a $5 million bonus. The conditions for achieving the contract are to be selected as the Defensive Team of the Year and as the Defensive Player of the Year (both are required, not the same year).

The specific salary for the renewal contract is: $22.58 million for the 24-25 season, $24.93 million for the 25-26 season, $26.2 million for the 26-27 season, $28 million for the 27-28 season, and $29.81 million for the 28-29 season.

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