Ma Dexing: Jankovic kept praising the national football team’s training performance and even described it as “perfect”

Ma Dexing: The training performance of the national football team made Jankovic constantly applauded and even described it as "perfect". SportsTalk reported on December 25 that according to reporter Ma Dexing, during the training on the morning of the 24th, the national football team arranged the first team training after arriving in the United Arab Emirates. The head coach Jankovic on the international players

SportsTalk on December 25. According to reporter Ma Dexing, during the training on the morning of the 24th, the national football team arranged the first team confrontation training after arriving in the United Arab Emirates. Head coach Jankovic said about the training of the national football team I am also very satisfied with the performance.

During the training that day, the players were generally in a high mood, and the quality of their completions was relatively good, and they also performed well in the confrontation, such as attacking and pressing. The basic requirements are well done. A more illustrative example is the outflank shooting practice. In the past, the national football team’s outflank shooting training did not have a high hit rate. Three or four out of 10 shots could go in, which is pretty good. However, in this training, the hit rate exceeded 50% and was close to 60%, especially forward players such as Lin Liangming, Zhang Yuning, Wu Lei, etc. Although the number of shots was only about 6 times per person, almost all of them were able to shoot the ball. into the network. And Xu Haofeng, who has been criticized by the outside world, hit the ball into the net in the first three times he outflanked the strong points. This performance of the international players made Jankovic continue to cheer while directing.

While the national football team was practicing offensive routines, Xu Xin, who had recruited this time, was alone on the sidelines accompanied by assistant coach Zheng Zhi. Practice running laps. Unlike other national players, Xu Xin did not make special preparations before this recruitment because he did not receive a training notice in advance, so he was lacking in physical fitness. After joining the team, I have to make up for this lesson every day in training. After running laps, Xu Xin also joined the joint training in the final half-time confrontation training. As for Zhu Chenjie, he had been injured previously. After recovering from the injury, the team focused on the longer term. After training for almost an hour, they arranged for him to perform activities alone and did not participate in confrontation training with the team.

After all the training, Jankovic fully affirmed the attitude and performance of all the players in the training, and even used ” “Perfect” to describe it, and hope that everyone can continue to maintain this high spirit and state in the warm-up match on the second day.

According to the arrangement, the national team will compete in the UAE local time today(25th) The first warm-up match was held in the afternoon. The opponent was “Regional Sports”, a local second-division team in Abu Dhabi that started out as a youth training team. The team plays in the UAE second-division league (third level). Currently ranked eighth with 16 points from 12 games, 3 wins, 7 draws and 2 losses.

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