CIES ranks the top ten forwards of the year: Haaland ranks first, Griezmann second, Rodrygo third

CIES selected the top ten forwards of the year: Haaland ranked first, Griezmann second, Rodrigo third SportsTalk reported on December 25 that CIES, the Swiss Football Observatory, selected players of the year based on data such as playing time, game performance and team record. Out of the top ten centers/second front in 2023

SportsTalk December 25th: Swiss Football Observatory CIES selected the top ten centers/second forwards in 2023 based on annual player playing time, game performance, team record and other data. The following are the details. Ranking:

1. Haaland (Manchester City) -92.9 points

2. Griezmann (Atletico Madrid) -90.7 points

3. Rodrigo (Real Madrid)-85.9 points

4. Vinicius (Real Madrid)-81.4 points

5. Lautaro (Inter Milan) -81.1 points

6. Kai En (Bayern) – 81 points

7. Lewandowski (Barcelona) – 80.6 points

8. Watkins (Villa) -76.4 points

9 , Morata (Atletico Madrid)-75.9 points

10. Mbappe (Paris)-75.4 points

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