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Acquired 25% of Manchester United shares! Can Ratcliffe really solve Manchester United’s stubborn problems? Will he be the savior?

Acquired 25% of Manchester United shares! Can Ratcliffe really solve Manchester United's stubborn problems? Will he be the savior? Ratcliffe acquired 25% of Manchester United's shares for 1.25 billion pounds and will take over Manchester United's football business, but can this really change Manchester United's current situation? Daniel, author of The Athletic

Ratcliffe acquired 25% of Manchester United’s shares for 1.25 billion pounds and will take over Manchester United’s football business, but is this really Can it change Manchester United’s current situation? Daniel Taylor, author of The Athletic, gave his own views based on interviews with relevant people.

Recently, a painting adapted from Lowry’s 1953 “Going to the Game” has been circulating among Manchester United fans. ”, the adapted painting does not depict a group of football fans preparing to go to the stadium, but a group of fans preparing to flee Old Trafford.

As supporters of one of England’s biggest football clubs, Manchester United fans have long been accustomed to this kind of sacrifice at the expense of A sense of humor at one’s own expense. Manchester United have not won the league title in 10 years, and they are not even close to success (despite finishing runners-up twice, they were 19 and 12 points behind the champions). In the past 10 years, what fans have experienced more is pain and unbearable. The most recent similar experience was a 0-3 loss to Manchester City at home. At that time, the final whistle had not yet sounded, and Manchester United fans had already begun to leave.

However, no matter how poorly the team performs, approximately 70,000 fans still flock to Old Trafford every game court. Even though they continue to protest against the Glazer family, most fans still support the team.

The game is still hot, and the current coach Ten Hag can also get the enthusiasm of the fans, just like his predecessor That’s what they got. Although there were many voices of dissatisfaction, such complaints were short-lived and appeared only on sporadic occasions.

In British billionaire Sir RatcliffeAfter the news that Ineos acquired 25% of Manchester United’s shares was confirmed, Manchester United fans are eager to see that such an acquisition can change the team’s destiny – or at least be the beginning of something new. No one is to blame for having such thoughts. Because after all, isn’t that what being a fan is? To hope, to believe, to look forward to a better future in times of sadness? If there is no hope, what is there?

Former Manchester United commercial director Edward Freeman said of the Glazer family’s nearly 20-year rule at Manchester United, he said: “This is the destruction of Manchester United. A great team was torn apart. It was a disaster and they really destroyed the team.”

All signs All show that Ratcliffe wants to change the current situation of Manchester United. He is trying to reverse the decline in Manchester United’s football business. A team as big and ambitious as Manchester United should employ the best players in the business – but during the course of the current audit, Ratcliffe found that is not the case.

The team’s chief executive Richard Arnold has confirmed to leave at the end of the year, and director of football John Murtaugh may also follow thereafter. Ratcliffe invested 1.25 billion pounds in exchange for control of Manchester United’s football business, and then established a new team leadership team. Everything seems to be moving in a new direction.

But let’s be realistic and let’s not exaggerate Ratcliffe’s role at Manchester United.

The Glazer family is still in charge of Manchester United. They are still the owners of this club, will they let one actually take overIt remains to be seen how much influence those in the team’s football operations have. Blake Hurst, author of The World’s Biggest Cash Machine: Manchester United, the Glazers and the Struggle for Football’s Soul, said:“I seriously doubt how much freedom Ratcliffe will be given.”

“If I own 100% of a company and then sell 25% to someone else, who is the boss? 75% is much higher than 25%. If Manchester United want to bring in a player worth £100m, then £75m will come from the Glazer family. It’s a simple truth. There’s no getting around it. If If they don’t want the deal to go ahead, then they have the right to stop it.”

Blackhurst has spent a long time studying Manchester United . In other words, the Glazer family is the subject of his research, so he is at least skeptical of some of the comments currently circulating among Manchester United fans-that Ratcliffe will be able to change Manchester United and at least restore everything to the team. normal.

“It’s a scam, really. It’s a gesture and I guess he’ll show up to the game, but if we If we can find something from his past experience to prove that he is a real boss and knows what he is doing, we will have more confidence in him. If Ratcliffe only came to Manchester United after helping Nice reach the Champions League final, Everyone is like, ‘Wow, this guy is the Messiah in sports,’ and I feel completely different.”

“Ratcliffe owns two teams, Lausanne in the Swiss Super League and Nice in Ligue 1. The performance of these two teams cannot be said to be very good. In Nice, Ratcliffe appointed his brother Bob became CEO and put Brailsford in charge of team transfers. I’m not doubting Brailsford’s ability. He has the ability to manage a cycling team, but does he understand football?”

“There will always be a lot of public relations hype for a deal like this. Judging from past situations, the Glazer family is not willing to cooperate with outsiders. They have never been like thisDid. And it all goes back to Malcolm Glazer, the backbone of the Glazer family and a boss who is difficult to work with, eccentric and ruthless. ”

At the same time, please don’t think that this is just Blackhurst’s pessimism. Former Manchester United commercial director Freeman There are the same concerns. “I have a lot of doubts,” he said. Ratcliffe only owns a minority stake, which makes no sense. He said he was a Manchester United fan, but it didn’t make much difference to him. I don’t think that’s a positive thing. To me, this sounds like a disaster. I think fans are just going to accept whatever they think is better than what they already have. ”

When Manchester United defeated newly promoted Luton Town 1-0, the away fans chanted “You are no longer famous”, Protest banners also appeared again at Old Trafford.The protests are still continuing, because relevant supporters have made it clear that as long as the Glazer family does not leave, they will believe that the team is still in danger Among.

It is true that only about 60 fans participated in this protest, while thousands of people protested before event, it was not worth mentioning at all – many fans stopped to take photos rather than join them, much to the dismay of the protest group. There was also no coverage, with a few reporters walking out of the stadium but it soon became apparent that this was not What about the massive protests against the Glazer family?

Is it because fans are tired of protesting. It’s possible, because these demonstrations have It’s become commonplace. But one day, protests will inevitably break out again, and ultimately it’s all because die-hard fans have long wanted a clean break with the Glazers, not just watching them sell off a small stake in the team.

Woodward left in February last year, and his replacement Richard Arnold will also leave at the end of the year. Perhaps former Juventus CEO Jean-Claude Blanco Blanc will take over his place after leaving PSG in December.INEOS Group’s sports business. As for the Glazers, they will still be controlling the team remotely from Florida.

On this basis, the fan groups organizing the protests do not feel that the team has changed.

“We will lobby local politicians, the Premier League and the UK Government to continue to protest against this ownership. We will continue to expand this protest group, Keep executing our strategy. Keep working until the Glazers are gone.”

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