Every body: Considering that Cancelo’s assist leaves a gap, Xavi may let Araujo play at right back

Every Body: Taking into account the gap left behind Cancelo's assist, Xavi may let Araujo play as the right back. SportsTalk reported on October 25 that according to "Every Body", Xavi believes that the upcoming Spanish National Derby will be difficult. Although Cello is one of the best right backs, considering the possibility behind him

SportsTalk October 25 According to “Every Body” report, for the upcoming Spanish National Derby, Xavi believes that although Cancelo is one of the best right backs, he needs to consider the options behind him. It may leave a gap for Vinicius, who intends to use Araujo to play at right back.

Cancelo is one of the best players in the Barcelona team so far. He is crucial to improving the team’s competitive level. important. However, what stands out more about him is his offensive ability, which can bring goals to the team. But there is a negative, which is that this could create defensive problems behind him, as Xavi has recognized, because he is conceding more goals than last season.

After Vinicius returned from injury, he has scored 2 goals in the past three league games. Regarding the choice of Araujo Guarding the right wing is precisely to strengthen the defense, and placing Cancelo in the midfield can strengthen the team’s offense.

Xavi has several possibilities, but for now he has made it clear: “Now is not the time to test or do weird things, now is It’s time to be pragmatic so that our level of play can be reflected. We’re not going to do anything of importance. What we’ve been doing has worked well for us and we have to follow the path we’ve taken and not try Too many.”

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